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Study Abroad

At the Quinlan School of Business, you are encouraged to explore different cultures, hone your international business skills, and build a global network along the way through study abroad.

These intensive courses are open to both part-time and full-time students for full academic credit. Classes are taught by top professors and are offered in a variety of disciplines.

2014-2015 Graduate Study Abroad Courses

Travel Dates
MARK 561: Comparative Consumer
Behavior and Marketing in Emerging Southeast Asia
Professor  Clifford Shultz Closed Jan. 2-Jan 12  
Application Form

MARK/MGMT 475: Cross-Cultural Dimensions of International Management and Marketing

Santiago, Chile Professor Mary Ann McGrath December 15 Feb. 28-March 7
Application Form

HRER 445: Global Management of Compensation and Benefit Systems

Spain Professor Dow Scott CANCELLED May 10-21 Application Form

IBUS 399/BSAD499: International Development and Business Consulting in the Dominican Republic 

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  Professor Mine Cinar, Professor In Hyeock Lee, and Professor Michael Welch Feb. 16 May 10-20
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*Please bring a completed application and a copy of the identification page in your passport to the Quinlan School of Business graduate program office (Maguire Hall 204). 

The student activity fee (including deposit) can be submitted here. Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)— Travel Insurance and Resources

*All students are required to enroll in CISI prior to embarking on a study abroad trip:  TRAVEL INSURANCE REQUIREMENT

Application Process: 

Questions on the application process should be directed to the Graduate Business Programs Office, 312-915-6124, QuinlanGrad@luc.edu


MARK 561: Comparative Consumer Behavior and Marketing in Emerging Southeast Asia

SE Asia Study Abroad

Instructor: Professor Cliff Shultz

Location: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand

Travel Dates: January 2-12 

Course Description:

The primary objectives of this course are as follows.  

  1. Introduce students to the interactive concepts of marketing, political economy, and culture; and their dynamic relation to consumer behavior in emerging Southeast Asia.
  2. Enable students to understand cultural, political, legal and economic issues and appropriate business practices at corporate, national, transnational and global levels.
  3. Provide insights on effective marketing and management decision-making in unfamiliar or cross-cultural settings, particularly with respect to distinct Southeast Asian contexts and consumption dynamics in them.
  4. Give students unique experiences with cultural immersion, which will result in:
  5. Personal transformation and a greater appreciation for the challenges, wonders and opportunities in one of the most compelling regions of the world.

The course is broken into components. The first is approximately 8-12 hours of contact-time prior to departure to Vietnam, to brief students on the history, politics, economics, culture, marketing and CB dynamics of the countries to be visited, and to be certain that all paper-work (e.g., passports, visas, payments, liability forms, etc.) has been administered. The second major component of the course is the time and activities overseas. During that time, all students are expected to participate in ALL meetings, presentations, and travel required of the course.

Visit this page to see slide presentation.

Go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr5fhUp8Ilo ; http://vimeo.com/36997340 to view two sample videos made be students in previous classes.

Cultural Activities/Excursions: In addition to business visits, numerous cultural activities, meals, and excursions are planned and included in the student activity fee.

Additional Costs: Tuition, airfare to and from Southeast Asia, spending money, passport fees (if you do not have a passport), and optional travel/events.

Information Session: 25 September

Deadline to Apply: Capped at 24 students—last year, demand exceeded supply—please register, ASAP. In the event of over-subscription, preference will be given to second year students and students who have completed MARK 460.

Special Note: Pre-trip classes and post-trip classes are required.

Student Activity Fee: $2,350 

(Includes double-occupancy in quality hotels, breakfasts, many other meals, inter-country travel and transfers in SEA, full academic program, and several cultural excursions.)

MARK/MGMT 475: Cross-Cultural Dimensions of International Management and Marketing

Chile study abroad

Instructor: Professor Mary Ann McGrath

Location: Chile

Travel Dates: February 28-March 7

Course Description:

Today's manager confronts a variety of cross-cultural issues, both within the business organization and across the global marketplace. This course emphasizes the importance of understanding the implications of culture differences on the behavior of managers, employees, and customers. In the words of Edward Hall, "Culture is not an exotic notion studied by a select group of anthropologists in the South Seas. It is a mold in which we are all cast, and it controls our daily lives in many unsuspected ways." The comparative exploration of these differences in the marketplace, in the work environment, and in daily life introduces students to the process of cultural analysis and its application in a cross-cultural context. We use the opportunity offered by the study abroad experience in Santiago, Chile to provide specific illustrations of differences between the North American and various Latin American cultures. 


Students learn how differences in national and ethnic cultures affect the behavior of employees working in organizations, managers making business decisions and consumers making product choices, especially within the Latin American context. 

Information Session: 16 October and 20 October (choose one)

Registration Begins: 13 January (make sure that you know your assigned registration time)

Student Activity Fee: TBA

Special Note: MGMT 475 is cross-listed with MARK 475. The course may be taken for credit in either discipline. Pre and post-trip classes on designated Saturday mornings are required.

HRER 445: Global Management of Compensation and Benefit Systems

Spain Study Abroad

Instructor: Professor Dow Scott

Location: Spain

Travel Dates: CANCELLED

Course Description: 

Universidad Loyola Andalucia's (ULA) graduate business students will also participate in HRER 445 through their university. This course will equip students with advanced knowledge of global compensation and provide an opportunity to study with graduate students from another country. Studying in Spain will introduce students to a very different compensation culture, traditions, and employment practices that exist in the U.S. 

Students will learn:

  1. How to integrate reward strategies, programs, and policies across global operations and facilities.
  2. The challenges of creating global reward strategies, programs, and policies that encourage employees to accept international assignments offered by their employers.
  3. How cultures affect employee perceptions of pay fairness and how these perceptions affect the design and effectiveness of pay policies and programs.
  4. How to work with an international team on assignments in a shared learning environment.

Information Session: 19 November 

Registration Begins: 6 April (make sure that you know your assigned registration time)

Student Activity Fee: TBA

Special Note: Students can extend their trip to Spain for a long weekend in Barcelona at the conclusion of the class for an additional cost (the instructor is not participating in this extended trip).

IBUS 390/BSAD499: International Development and Business Consulting in the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

Dominican Republic Study Abroad

Instructor: Professors Mine Cinar, In Hyoeck Lee, and Michael Welch

Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Travel Dates: May 10-20 

Course Description:

This course will be a study abroad course in which the students will learn to use basic financial, managerial, marketing, and accounting skills to help micro businesses, NGOs, and informal endeavors in an emerging market. The course will initially have a basic 'tools' part in which students will refresh their knowledge base which will be needed for consulting experiences. This part of the course may be offered online, at the instructors' discretion. The extension of the classroom experience will be with hands-on consulting in an organization in an emerging market. The skills learned in this course will be transferable to future business experiences of the students. The students will be evaluated in several ways: by their self-assessment on recorded journals, by the professor's assessment of their work, and by the NGO partner in the emerging nation. The goal is for students to understand as to how professional growth can be achieved by helping others using business tools.


This course will allow students to apply their basic business skills to a micro development, charity, or an NGO project in a host country they will be volunteering in—consulting for two weeks. It will also allow them to be familiar with the political and institutional setting of the host country and to understand how business can be used to change the lives of others. The course will also emphasize basic skills needed for successful consulting experiences.

Information Session: 19 November

Registration Begins: 6 April (make sure that you know your assigned registration time)

Student Activity Fee: TBA

Special Note: IBUS 390 is cross-listed with BSAD 499. The course may be taken for credit in either discipline. 


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