Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

Completion of the Master of Science in Finance degree requires between 14 and 18 courses, depending on academic background. A prerequisite of one course in calculus is required and may be waived based upon previous academic work or taken as part of the Master of Science in Finance degree.

The curriculum is divided into three sets of courses: a fundamental core, a quantitative core and electives. The fundamental core includes six courses across five disciplines. These introductory courses are required and cover accounting, economics, financial management, investment management, statistics and ethics. The quantitative core consists of four courses that are designed to develop analytical and modeling skills: two financial math and modeling courses, a course on derivative securities, an econometrics class and finally, a capstone course.

A maximum of 4 courses from the fundamental core may be waived for qualified students. MSF candidates choose 7 or 8 electives from a list of more than 15 courses. The electives span three career tracks: corporate finance, risk management and asset management. Students may select electives from any/all career tracks, but we recommend a concentration (four or more courses) in one track. We encourage students to consider ancillary courses outside the Quinlan School of Business, especially math, statistics, computer science and law courses.


  • MATH 131 or MATH 161

Fundamental Core (4)

  • ACCT 400: Financial Accounting
  • ECON 420: Managerial Economics
  • FINC 450: Financial Management
  • ISOM 491: Managerial Statistics

Ethics (1)

  • MGMT 448: Ethics of Finance

Investment Management (1)

  • FINC 452: Investment Management

Quantitative Core (4)

  • FINC 620: Financial Mathematics and Modeling I
  • FINC 621: Financial Mathematics and Modeling II
  • FINC 622/ECON 622: Derivative Securities
  • FINC/ECON 625: Applied Econometrics

Capstone (1)

  • FINC 630: Finance Capstone Course

Elective Courses (7)

  • ACCT 404: Financial Statement Analysis
  • FINC 451: Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FINC 453: Advanced Corporate Finance
  • FINC 455: International Financial Management
  • FINC 456: Management of Financial Institutions
  • FINC 457: Cases in Corporate Finance
  • FINC 551/624: Financial Risk Management
  • FINC 552: Emerging Financial Markets
  • FINC 553: Applied Portfolio Management
  • FINC 556: Investment Banking
  • FINC/MGMT 557: Enterprise Risk Management
  • FINC 558/628: Valuation of Start-Ups
  • FINC 599: Special Topics in FINC
  • FINC 626: Structured Finance and Credit Risk Management

For more specific course requirements, review the curriculum planner below: