Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

International Business Minor

Non-Quinlan students who wish to expand their skills in international business may elect to pursue a minor in this field. The requirements are 18 credit hours in international business courses.

Student should take the following:

  • IBUS 201: Introduction to International Business

Two courses from the following:

  • ACCT 201. Introductory Accounting I
  • ECON 201. Principles of Economics I (Micro) -or- ECON 202. Principles of Economics II (Macro)
  • INFS 247. Business Information Systems
  • MARK 201. Principles of Marketing
  • MGMT 201. Managing People and Organizations

Three courses from the following:

Group A (choose at least one)

  • ACCT 306. Advanced Accounting—Business Combinations, Consolidations and International
  • ECON 323. International Economics
  • ECON 324. International Monetary Relations
  • ECON 325. Economics of Development and Growth
  • ECON 364. China in the World Economy (only take either ECON 364 or 368) (B)
  • ECON 368. China's Economic Performance and Reforms (only take either ECON 364 or 368) (B)
  • FINC 340. Emerging Markets (R)
  • FINC 355. International Financial Management
  • SCMG 338. Logistics in the Global Economy

Group B (choose at least one)

  • HRER 325. Global Employment Relations
  • HRER 329. Global Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
  • MARK 341. Global Marketing(R)
  • MARK 363. International Marketing
  • MGMT 305. Global Business Strategy(R)
  • MGMT 315. International Management
  • SPRT 345. Globalization of the Sport Industry
  • ANTH 100. Globalization and Local Cultures
  • ANTH 102. Intro to Cultural Anthropology
  • PLSC 350. Politics of International Economic Relations
  • PLSC 362. Politics of Developing Societies
  • PLSC 363. International Politics

(R)=Offered at Loyola's Rome Center.
(B)=Offered at Loyola's Beijing Center.

Minor Language Requirement

The minor also includes a foreign language requirement.

  • Option 1) 103 level (3 yrs of same language in HS) + Study Abroad
  • Option 2) 104 level (4 yrs of same language in HS)

Quinlan students who wish to pursue a minor in international business must complete IBUS 201 and three 300-level international business courses (see above).

Students are limited to two courses in each subject area. Only one pre-approved 399: Selected Topics course will count for this major/minor.

Important Details

At the discretion of the Quinlan School of Business assistant dean, a maximum of one transfer course, taken prior to matriculating at Loyola University Chicago, may be allowed. A 2.0 average GPA is required for all attempted business courses. Quinlan students are limited to double dipping one course between majors/minors, while non-Quinlan students are limited to double dipping two courses between business school minors.