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Academic Advising

The Undergraduate Programs Office for the Quinlan School of Business provides advising to transfer students, juniors, and seniors. Academic advising includes:

Academic advising can also include explanations of university policies and procedures as related to academics, and referrals to other university offices. Students are encouraged to seek academic advising on an annual basis.

To schedule an advising appointment, call 312.915.6113. Freshmen and sophomores should contact the First and Second Year Advising.

For more information about the Undergraduate Dean's Office, see the New Student FAQs.

Honor Societies & Business Fraternities

Student Organizations

Student business organizations can be found by visiting the Quinlan Undergraduate Student Group Page. To search for other university student organizations, click here.

New Student FAQs

The Quinlan Undergraduate Programs Office is located in Maguire Hall, 1 E. Pearson, Room 220 at the Water Tower Campus. Visit it for academic advising or to talk about a problem you're having in one of your classes. The Undergraduate Programs Office can also direct you to other Loyola services and resources. We are here to help you.

Matt Rombach is the primary academic advisor for all juniors, seniors and new transfer students in the Quinlan School of Business. Dr. Susan Ries, the Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Program is the secondary advisor for all juniors and seniors. They are located at the Water Tower Campus in the Quinlan Undergraduate Programs Office. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ries or Matt Rombach, call: 312.915.6113. Unless otherwise noted, it is necessary to make an appointment to see them.

Freshmen and sophomore students are assigned advisors by the First and Second Year Advising. Their phone number is 773.508.7714.

You will be given an e-mail address through Loyola's Information Technology Services (ITS) department. Please note that e-mail is the primary mode of communication to all students in the Quinlan School of Business. It is your responsibility to stay current with announcements from our office. Our office will only communicate with Loyola students through the official Loyola e-mail system; emails will not send messages to outside e-mail accounts (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail). To receive official Loyola announcements at an outside e-mail account, you should reroute your Loyola e-mail to that account with the Loyola Password Self-Service.

Our office is here to provide you with forms and requisitions that you may need throughout your academic career. To request a letter from the Undergraduate Programs Office, please call 312.915.6113. A minimum of 24-hour notice may be required, so please call ahead. Office staff will let you know how long it will take to provide the letter you need.

University academic calendars and schedules, may be found at: http://www.luc.edu/academics/schedules. Make sure to visit this site often to keep up with updates to the academic calendar.

Loyola University Chicago does not publish a paper catalog. Course descriptions can be found in LOCUS. For detailed information about university academic policies and procedures, please visit: http://www.luc.edu/academics/catalog/undergrad. This Website is extremely important for all students.