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Being an active member of a student organization enriches your overall Loyola experience with friendships, leadership experiences, professional growth, and industry-specific knowledge. It also helps potential employers see your commitment to the program and to a balance between your academic and social life.


 Student Groups

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Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed business fraternity with the aim to professionally develop each and every member. We accept all majors and offer workshops to our members that help with professional aspects of our lives. In addition to closed workshops, we pride ourselves in putting on great professional events open to the entire school. We bring in well-known speakers from around the country to educated and inspire the Loyola community.

Contact information: AlphaKappaPsiLUC@gmail.com

President: Kristin Papierski
VP Administration: Elizabeth Harb
VP Finance: Amelia Games
VP Membership: Chelsie Stokes
VP Marketing: Delaney Gaughan
VP Alumni: Enrique Garcia
Master of Rituals: Arielle Sabio
Secretary: Rachael Peterson
Staff Advisor: Olivia Heath


Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA)

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting is the leading national non-for-profit professional association that creates opportunities, adds value, and builds relationships for its members, the community and its business partners while expanding Latino Leadership in the global workforce.  Our Loyola chapter will help expand your network and build your resume while creating opportunities for the future.  We are affiliated with many companies in the Chicago-Land area including McDonald's, Allstate, and the Big 4 Accounting Firms.

President: Maggie Malkuch
Vice President: Alex Corral
Secretary: Angie Ocasio-Fraguas
Treasurer: Caitlin Stanley
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Lee


Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary and service organization for accounting, finance and information systems students. Beta Alpha Psi is recognized as a respected business community. The reputation of Beta Alpha Psi can open career opportunities, professional relationships, and help in developing skills essential to success beyond a student's college career.
Contact information: loyolabap@gmail.com

President: Gabriella Morelli
Vice-President: John Gillmer
VP of Professional Activities: Luke Culley
VP of Volunteer Activities: Mariya Olyva
Secretary: Olga Ilyaguyeva
Faculty Advisors: Brian Stanko, Ph.D. and Lisa Gillespie


LUC Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization

Innovation through strategic structure and creative ingenuity. LUC Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization is part of the national Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Our goal as a club is to promote socially responsible business ventures among the school body and the Chicago community.

President: James Dattalo
Faculty advisor: Leonard Gingerella


Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. The Gamma Pi chapter at Loyola University Chicago focuses on professionalism, community service, fundraising, and social events. It is a great organization to prepare students in the work place. We help students through various events such as The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Tour, The KPMG Tour, Resume Workshop, PAWS, Aids Walk, Soup Kitchen, and more. Of course, we never forget to have fun. Our end of the year social always consists of a formal dinner and dance in downtown Chicago. Delta Sigma Pi is a great organization for any business students.

Contact information: gammapiloyola@googlegroups.com
Website: https://orgsync.com/13658/chapter

President: Michael Wiseman
Vice President of Public Relations: Ally Lei
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Gillespie


Loyola Economics Forum

The Loyola Economics Forum was founded in 2002. Since then, we have been a major presence amongst the Loyola Academic clubs and the city of Chicago. We have hosted faculty discussion panels, silent auctions for Doctors Without Borders, and foreign consulate forums, all in an attempt to bring economic issues to the forefront of the student body's mind. Worldwide, the Economics Forum is known for offering stimulating conversation in the fields of economics, finance, political science, and foreign policy, and that remains our goal in everything we do.

President: Libby Hagemeyer
Vice President: Urvish Pandya
Marketing Director: Adelina Azemi
Treasurer: Graham Medak
Senior Director: Luke Culley
Faculty Advisor: Mine Cinar, Ph.D.


LUC - Enactus (formerly SIFE)

LUC-Enactus is an international business organization that seeks to use the knowledge and skills that are developed in the classroom to empower others within the local, national, and international community.  LUC-Enactus runs several projects that seek to address this goal, ranging from collecting and sending books to improve a library in Cambodia, to teaching financial literacy in local high schools and elementary schools, with many other projects, all of which created and run by Enactus students.  At the end of the year, we present our activities at the Enactus Regional and National competitions where we are judged by executives from the many Enactus sponsor companies.  Last year, we placed within the top-40 teams in the nation, and are looking to do even better this year!

Facebook: Facebook.com/lucsife

President: Tom Bohac
Vice President: Bridget Sanders
Director of Finance: Flor Torres
Director of Projects: Mark Foley
Director of Communications: Ashley Luttenegger
Faculty Advisor: Gezinus Hidding


Global Business Brigades

Global Business Brigades is an organization that enables students to travel abroad and make a direct impact. Traveling to Panama, Honduras, or Ghana, a group of 10-20 students gets together to help teach business workshops in developing countries. Aside from gaining an exceptional cultural exchange with the community, students are able to test out their leadership skills in a real life setting, rather than reading about it in books. Global Brigades is a completely student-led organization that really makes a difference in the lives of others. As educated students, we have the ability to share our knowledge and resources with people who do not have access to these means.

Contact information: loyolagbb@gmail.com

January 2013 lead to Panama: Taylor Dahlgren
May 2013 lead to Honduras: Gabriela Wilewska
Faculty Advisor: Tracy Pintchman, Ph.D.


Human Resources Student Association

The Human Resources Student Association provides an opportunity for students interested in the HR field to communicate with other students, meet and network with professionals in the field, and learn about real world applications of Human Resources.  We strive to provide additional learning opportunities for members that will add to and enrich their classroom experiences.

Website: http://luc.orgsync.com/org/loyolahrsa

President: Lindsey Lukaszka
Vice President: Ashley Miller
Treasurer: Aron Frankel
Secretary: Jenny Gratson
Faculty Advisor: Dow Scott, Ph.D.


International Business Society

The International Business Society (IBS) is a professional student organization at the School of Business at Loyola University Chicago, providing the opportunity for personal and professional growth to undergraduate, graduate students, and alumni. IBS hosts events, such as seminars, speakers, and discussions encouraging international relations, trade, and knowledge. Through connections with the youth organizations partnering with the Rotary Club of Chicago, and other nonprofit organizations, IBS offers students the unique opportunity to network among Chicago businesses and non-profits. IBS aims to raise international awareness among students, promote international trade relations and foreign languages in order to prepare for a more sustainable and globalized world. Members are expected to develop their professional character while performing community and charitable services.

Contact information:loyola.ibs@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Mine Cinar


Investment Banking & Financial Markets Association

The Investment Banking & Financial Markets Association (IBFMA) is a student-led organization designed to unite and educate business students considering careers within the financial services industry. We aim to bridge the gap between academic theory and applied finance while providing our members with the resources needed to achieve a competitive advantage in the search for investment banking and finance careers.

Contact information: IBFMA@luc.edu


Information Systems Operations Management Club

Information Systems Operations Management Club is currently not active for the 2012/2013 academic year. 

Faculty Advisor: Nenad Jukic


Loyola Economics Research Club

Loyola Economics Research Club strives to enlighten and stimulate student interest in all economic subjects.  This is done through open forum discussion, guest speakers, case study analysis, and individual or team economic research projects.  Members will also have the opportunity to assist economic professors in their research needs.

President: Neal Karski
Vice President: Austin Nugent
Event Coordinator: Erin Hardin
Secretary / Administrative Manager: Nicholas Molo
Chief Editor: Michael DeLio
Research Manager: Marko Lazic
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Tomlin


Loyola Limited

Loyola Limited is Loyola University Chicago's undergraduate student run and managed business enterprises, committed to providing an exceptional experiential learning opportunity for all employees while providing the highest quality of service to the customer.

There are a variety of employment opportunities at Loyola Limited, and the company welcomes applicants from any field of study.  Loyola Limited offers positions in finance, accounting, marketing, communications, public relations, human resources, operations, customer relations, management, web & graphic design, and more.

The students of Loyola Limited currently run four businesses:

The Flats at Loyola Station
Loyola Property Management
Felice's Roman Style Pizza

Please contact jobs@loyolalimited.com to inquire about other potential opportunities or to have your resume on file for future openings.


Marketing Club

The Loyola Marketing Club strives to improve the skills of its members in the various facets of the integrated marketing communications process, advertising, and public relations while serving our clients, the Loyola community, and the city of Chicago while using integrity, perseverance, and teamwork.

Contact information: marketingclub1@gmail.com
Facebook page:

President: Sarah LeFevre


Sport Management Club

The Sport Management Club (SMC) provides students with an opportunity to better their quality of life, build community, encourage participation, and gain knowledge in the sports business field. Our slogan "we don't have an off-season" demonstrates the dedication our members have to making a difference in the sport industry. Membership in this organization is open to all Loyola University Chicago students with an interest in sports as a career or sports in general. The club meets monthly to plan networking events, volunteer opportunities, and to discuss current trends in sports. The SMC provides students an avenue to combine their passions for business and sports into a successful career. To experience the benefits of the club or to find out more information please email President Jeff Lemberger at jlemberger@luc.edu

Contact Information: smc.loyolachicago@gmail.com
Facebook page:

President: Jeff Lemberger
Vice President: Katie Pukita
Director of Marketing: Kate Meyers
Director of Operations: Shelly Briars
Director of Membership: Sean Sweeney
Treasurer: Kim Schaller
Faculty Advisor: Keith Lambrecht, PhD.


Women in Business

Women in Business (WIB) is an undergraduate organization dedicated to providing young women with a strong  alumni network and an array of professional, academic, and career developing activities.  WIB desires to develop and foster relationships among current students, potential students, alumni, faculty, staff, and business leaders.  
The organization further promotes the role of women both within the Loyola Community and the world beyond the university’s gates, through opportunities for women to express their role in today's society.  WIB offers a forum to discuss the issues and challenges women face within the business sphere and supplies activities that prepare members to overcome these social barriers.  This involves opportunities for members to develop both professionally and personally, empowers women through various activities and seminars, and enlightens the Loyola community as a whole on the issues facing women in business.
 WIB grants female students interested in promoting the role of professional women the chance to share experiences, find support, and develop constructive plans for action.

Contact information: wibluc@gmail.com
President: Meghan Wright

Executive Vice President: Allie Jameson
Vice President of Finance: Nicole Christiano
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Michelle Ching
Vice President of External Affairs: Katie Geusz
Vice President of Fundraising: Taylor Corsten
Faculty Advisor:Lisa Gillespie