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‌About RHA

The Loyola University Chicago Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a residential student-run organization that strives to develop the on-campus community through a tradition of advocacy, leadership, and programming.  These values promise to create a forum for the student voice, provide opportunities for personal development, and coordinate activities to enhance the residential experience.

To learn more about RHA, view the RHA Constitution.‌


See the 2015-2016 RHA Election Results here.


Below is a list of the Hall/Area Councils that are part of RHA:                                                                                             

Hall and Area Councils

Baumhart Hall Council

Bellarmine Hall Council 

Campion Hall Council      

de Nobili Hall Council      

Kenmore Area Council

Mertz Hall Council 

Northside Area Council

Regis Hall Council

San Francisco Hall Council

Simpson Hall Council

Winthrop Area Council

All on-campus students are eligible to run for a hall/area council position to represent their peers in their residential area.  Your 2015-2016 RHA Hall Councils are ‌available here: 2015-2016 RHA Election Results.

Official elections for the 2015-2016 academic year have concluded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get involved! Simply contact the Resident Director or Assistant Resident Director of your hall/area. You may also direct questions to rha@luc.edu.

Contact Us

Please contact us with general inquiries at RHA@luc.edu or contact one of the RHA Executive Board members directly.

President - Erin Swartwout (eswartwout@luc.edu)

Vice President/NCC/ICC - Connor Ruddy (cruddy@luc.edu)

Finance Coordinator - Heather Cigas (hcigas@luc.edu)

Programming Coordinator - Hannah Kelley (hkelley1@luc.edu)

Programming Coordinator - Stephen Longo (slongo@luc.edu)

External Affairs Coordinator - Kelsey Helstrom (khelstrom1@luc.edu)

Advisors - Shandee Ewert (sewert@luc.edu)