Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Staff Directory

The Department of Residence Life is composed of dedicated professional, support and student staff members who are responsible for the residential living program and the coordination of all services provided to resident students.

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Department of Residence Life
Simpson Living Learning Center, Room 107
6333 N. Winthrop Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 773.508.3300
Fax: 773.508.3311


Central Office
Name Title Office Phone #
Ray Tennison Associate Director for Residence Life Simpson 112 773.508.3300
Shandee Ewert Assistant Director for Staff Development and Training Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Ashley Williams Assistant Director for Operations Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Jeff Terpstra Assistant Director for Facilities Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Clair McDonald Assistant Director for Assignments, Marketing, and Communication Simpson 114 773.508.3300
Marci Walton Assistant Director for Academic Support & Learning Communities Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Melissa Bagdon Housing Assignments Coordinator Simpson 115 773.508.3300
Mary Brower Office Manager Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Adell Dougherty Administrative Assistant Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Arcenia Harmon Administrative Assistant Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Front Desk Student Office Assistant Simpson 107 773.508.3300
Baumhart Hall
Casey Simon Resident Director   312.915.6704
Alyscia Raines Assistant Resident Director Baumhart 406 312.915.6708
Bellarmine Hall
Devon Cowherd Resident Director Bellarmine Hall 773.508.8961
Mertz Hall
Tim Griffin Resident Director Mertz 211 773.508.3740
Christian Hightower Assistant Resident Director Mertz 210 773.508.3755
Ashley Trewartha Assistant Resident Director Mertz 773.508.3323
Campion Hall
Amanda Martinez Resident Director Campion Hall 773.508.3338
Colin Mageary Assistant Resident Director Campion Hall 773.508.3347
de Nobili Hall
Niecy Riley Resident Director de Nobili Hall 773.508.8826
Caressa Nguyen Assistant Resident Director de Nobili Hall 773.508.8828
Regis Hall
Sarah Kaminski Resident Director Regis Hall 773.508.6054
Chelsea Metivier Assistant Resident Director Regis Hall 773.508.6052
San Francisco Hall
Beth Marcotte Resident Director San Francisco Hall 773.508.8969
Naseeb Bhangal Assistant Resident Director San Francisco Hall 773.508.3041
Patrick Randolph Assistant Resident Director San Francisco Hall 773.508.8962
Simpson Living Learning Center
Tim Martin Resident Director Simpson Hall 773.508.3328
Emma Hindman Assistant Resident Director Simpson Hall  773.508.7039
Kevin Krauskopf Assistant Resident Director Simpson Hall  773.508.8201
Northside Apartments (Fordham & Santa Clara)
Chris Hardin Resident Director Fordham Hall 100 773.508.8961
Zachary Lindsey Assistant Resident Director Santa Clara 773.508.3680
South Side Kenmore Apartments (Georgetown, Marquette, Marquette South & Canisius)
Johnny Quintanilla Resident Director Marquette South 773.508.7111
DeNeatria Robinson Assistant Resident Director Marquette South 773.508.3026
Winthrop Apartments (Seattle, Xavier, LeMoyne, Fairfield and Spring Hill)
Kata Traxler Resident Director Spring Hill Hall 102 773.508.3703