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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome Back Ramblers! Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the application process for housing for returning students.

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Returning Room Selection
1.    What is ReApplication? Reapplication is our process during which students select their housing assignments for the following academic year. Reapplication involves submitting an application, pre-payment, and selecting your own room (and roommates!) and is all completed online through the Residence Life link in your student LOCUS account.

2.    When is ReApplication? ReApplication begins the last two weeks of January with information sessions and building tours for students. Information sessions are divided up by the type of student that you are (current freshmen, full scholarship recipient, ability needs, etc.) so that the information provided can be as specific as possible for you. You can see the full schedule online at :

3.    How do I participate in ReApplication? ReApplication involves submitting an application, pre-payment, and selecting your own room (and roommates!) and is all completed online through the Residence Life link in your student LOCUS account. Additionally, students who will be second year students next year and wish to live at home or be exempt from the residency requirement for other reasons must submit a Request for Exemption online at http://www.luc.edu/eRelease.

4.    What happens if I don't apply for ReApplication by the deadline? There is a late housing application period that you will be notified about if we fail to receive your application and pre-payment by the February 14th deadline. If you are under the residency requirement and do not complete a late application you will be automatically assigned housing per the residency requirement.

5.    How do you decide where I will live? For students who complete their housing application and pre-payment by the deadline you will decide! Selection order is determined by random lottery number assignment. In the event that we have more students wanting to live on campus than we have spaces available we will use application preferences to place students as spaces become available. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in your exact preference but we will keep you on your preferred campus.

6.    I only want to live on campus for one semester. Can I submit an application for just that semester? No. In order to provide the best housing experience possible we ask students live on campus for the entire academic year. We understand that circumstances do change and will evaluate all requests for release as completed. Additionally, housing applications are accepted throughout the academic year and students will be assigned as space allows.

7.    I'm considering transferring but haven't made up my mind yet, should I go through ReApplication? We encourage you to decide whether or not you plan to continue at Loyola prior to selecting a room so that as many students as possible will be able to select their own spaces during reapplication. Additionally your pre-payment is non-refundable should you choose to transfer after reapplication. Last but not least, your roommate(s) will get another roommate assigned to live with them, waiting until after reapplication to remove yourself only prevents them from having more time to get to know their future roommate





1.    How much is the pre-payment? The housing pre-payment is $500.

2.    Why do I have to make a pre-payment? We require a pre-payment as a demonstration of your commitment to living on campus for the next academic year. Once made the pre-payment is non-refundable and will only be applied to housing charges during the next academic year. The only instances in which housing pre-payments will be refunded are if we cannot provide you with housing by the start of the fall semester.

3.    What if I can't afford the pre-payment? We understand that $500 is not an insignificant amount of money and for some students this represents a burden that may impede their ability to apply for housing or pay spring tuition. If you feel that you fall into this category you may visit the HUB in Sullivan Center or our office in Simpson 107 to complete a request for waiver of pre-payment form. Once we receive this form we will review your student financial aid records and make a decision, typically within 1-3 business days. You may submit your housing application while you are waiting to hear about a pre-payment waiver. All decisions will be sent to your Loyola e-mail account.

4.    What if my housing is paid for entirely with grants or scholarships, do I still need to make a pre-payment? Students who are on full scholarships or aid packages (excluding loans) that cover their costs of attending and living at Loyola will be automatically granted a waiver. These students will be notified via their Loyola e-mail prior to Feb. 1st.

5.    How can I get a refund for my pre-payment? All pre-payments are non-refundable except in the event we cannot provide you with housing by the start of the fall semester.

6.    My parent/guardian wants to make my pre-payment, how can they do this? All pre-payments must be made through either the student LOCUS account or through a check made out to the Department of Residence Life. Parents should not use the university lockbox or their parent logins to make payments directly to the bursar's office. This will delay the processing of your pre-payment significantly.





1.    Where do I turn in my housing application? Applications are available online through the Residence Life link in your LOCUS account.

2.    I'm having computer problems; can I turn in a paper application? No, we do not have paper applications available. Please make sure that you are following all of the instructions on you LOCUS screens in relation to your computer set-up. You may also come to our office and complete your application with us if you continue to have difficulties.

3.    How will I be able to ask questions when I have them? You may contact us at 773-508-3300, res-life@luc.edu, Facebook.com/LUCResLife, or @LUCResLife.



Residency Requirement

1.    Why is there a residency requirement? As a residential campus committed to the education of the whole person, the residential experience is considered an integral part of a student’s education and the Loyola Experience. Research over the past 40 years demonstrates a more productive and more satisfying experience for students who reside in university residence halls than those who live off-campus. A student who lives in Loyola's residence halls is more likely to:
×   Be more involved in campus activities and educational programs
×   Complete more credit hours per semester
×   Achieve greater academic success
×   Complete his/her studies and attain his/her degrees
×   Be more satisfied with his/her overall university experience

2.    Who is under the residency requirement? All students in their first four semesters (excluding summer terms) of college, post high school, who are under the age of 21 at the start of the academic year, are under the residency requirement. This includes students who begin at Loyola and who transfer to Loyola.




Meal Plans
1.    Do I have to have a meal plan? Students living on the Lake Shore Campus are required to have a meal plan. Sophomores must select from two all access plans and two traditional board plans. Juniors and seniors may select from any of the all access, traditional board, or declining balance plans.



Process of ReApplication
1.    Can I buy out both beds in a double to make it a single? No, you cannot create a single room during the reapplication process.

2.    How do you guarantee that my medical needs are met? If you are a student that requires a single or other accommodation for medical reasons, this must be on file with the Services for Students with Disabilities Office (SSWD). Once we have received an accommodation recommendation from SSWD we will contact you about granting your accommodations. All recommendations, applications, and pre-payments must be on file by February 14th in order to guarantee that your accommodations are met. All recommendations received after this date will be accommodated as reasonably as possible.

3.    What if the only rooms available are on a campus I do not want to live on? If you have a lower lottery number you may find that when you go to select your room the only available spaces are not on the campus you prefer. You may choose not to select a room and voluntarily enter our deferred housing process. As spaces become available on your preferred campus you will be placed in lottery number order. Please note that it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate all roommate requests during the deferred housing process so when voluntarily entering it you should have made the decision that the campus you live on is more important than the roommates you are placed with.

4.    Why do athletes get the best housing? Contrary to rumored belief athletes go through reapplication like any other student. They have the same deadlines to meet and are held accountable for missing them in the same ways. For us to do otherwise would violate NCAA rules.

5.    I only want to live in one building or room type. Can I cancel my application if this isn't available during my selection period? No. We only have so many rooms in each building and only so many rooms of each type, there comes a point in every lottery when students do have to start moving down their preference list and select a room in a building or area that was not part of their original plan. As our staffing and programming are consistent across all areas we can assure you that you will be able to make this assignment home too.

6.    What lottery numbers match up to which buildings? This is not a question that we can answer. With all of the changes being made in our housing options and with the unique preferences each class brings what may have been a top choice last year will be a lower choice this year and vice versa.

7.    How can I see a building before I select it? Building tours are being held the last week of January so that you can see the standard room options across each area. Additionally the majority of our buildings have 3D floor plans and video tours on our website.




Study Abroad
1.    I am going to study abroad in the fall and want to live on campus in the spring; do I need to do anything now for Reapplication? If you will be a sophomore you will need to complete a request for exemption so that we know you're studying abroad and then you can wait until the fall to participate in our November Selection process. If you will be a junior/senior we don't need anything, you can wait until the fall to participate in our November Selection process.

2.    I am going to study abroad in the spring, why do I have to sign a full year contract? Our terms of agreement are for the full year. In the event that you study abroad you will be able to submit a request for release from the spring portion of your contract.









Class Standing
1.    As a second year, can I live at Baumhart? Yes, there is space available in Baumhart for second year students.

2.    As a third year/fourth year student can I live with a second year roommate? Yes! All upperclass students (second year, third year, and fourth year students) can choose any upperclass area to live in with a roommate of any upperclass year.

3.    I have the credit hours to be a junior, why am I still under the residency requirement? Our residency requirement is based on your social experiences and development and not the number of credits that you have completed which is why a student who may academically be a junior is still required to live on campus.




Potential LCAs and RAs
1.    I’m applying to be an LCA or RA, do I still need to submit a housing application and pre-payment? If you are planning to live on campus regardless of whether or not you are selected for one of these positions you must submit your housing application and pre-payment by the February 15th deadline to qualify for reapplication should you not be selected to be an LCA or RA. For students under the residency requirement who wish to submit an exemption the same rule applies, you must complete your exemption request by the February 8th deadline.

2.    What happens if I'm selected to be an LCA or RA, should I still select a room? LCA & RA decision letters will be sent out prior to reapplication, if you plan on accepting the position you should not select a room.





Deferred List
1.    What happens if there are more students that apply for housing than there are beds available? If more students apply for housing than we have beds available we will begin our deferred housing process. This does happen almost every year and every year we have been able to get all students placed into housing. It is our commitment that we will also make sure that you are placed on the campus of your preference. The majority of students in deferred housing are placed by the end of the academic year but some may not be placed until late in the summer. Being placed into the deferred housing process is not grounds for release from your contract or a refund in your pre-payment.



1.    How do I apply for an exemption to the residency requirement? You can apply for an exemption online at http://www.luc.edu/eRelease. You must receive written approval via your Loyola e-mail before you can consider your exemption approved.

2.    What happens if I don't apply for an exemption by the deadline? All exemption requests are due by February 7th, this allows for you to participate in reapplication if you are denied. Late applications cannot be guaranteed to have a decision by February 14th. Students under the residency requirement who fail to complete a request for exemption or select housing after being denied will be automatically assigned a space per the residency requirement.

3.    What happens if I am exempted/released after selecting my housing? If you receive a release from your 2014-2015 housing assignment your housing assignment and meal plan will be removed from our system and any charges that have been assessed will be taken off your student account. Your $500 pre-payment will be forfeited.





1.    I am required to live on campus over winter break, what halls will be open during break next year? For the 2014-2015 academic year the following upperclass halls will be open over the Winter Break: Baumhart, Bellarmine, Fordham, & Santa Clara.

2.    I plan to live on campus this summer, what hall will be used for summer housing so I don't have to move rooms multiple times? For Summer 2014 we will be housing students in Bellarmine Hall and Baumhart Hall.