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Hall Council Elections

Hey Ramblers!

Here you will find information about each hall and areas candidates for council!

 Bellarmine Hall Council




Vice President



Finance Coordinator

Michelle Thomas

My name is Michelle Thomas and I will be running for finance coordinator in Bellarmine Hall. If elected for this position I would make sure that funds are being spent wisely in ways that other students would appreciate. I would also play an active role in making sure other students’ voices are heard when it comes to what type of things they want to see on campus. I will not only be concerned with funding but also with how the funding can be best spent in order to bring students together throughout the campus and make it even more enjoyable for them.

Program Coordinator

Hannah Forte

I believe that as a program coordinator, I would be the best suited to really help unite and build our own dorm’s community as well as the greater Loyola community. Through exciting activities like game nights, Christmas cookie decorating parties, and group outings, I would be able to help build community by planning engaging events for my fellow dorm mates to enjoy. I know from experience that the more fun a program sounds, the more likely I am to participate in it and get to know new people, which is exactly what student programs should be for. This is why I want to be a program coordinator, so I can plan fun, exciting programs so students cannot only enjoy being with the friends they already have, but be able to branch out and make new ones as well, thus building community and making Loyola even better!!

External Affairs Coordinator
















 Campion Hall Council


Ryan Motzel

Sick of the spiders? Feel no fear, Campion Champions. I vow to do my best in exterminating the building (among other, possibly more important, things). As the president of our hall, in which my duty would textually inhibit “uniting and building the residential community on campus”, I promise being both anyone and every one’s voice, and friend. For many, Campion is simply a new bedroom, however, my goal is to make it everyone’s newfound “home away from home”. Vote me, Ryan Motzel, for Campion Hall President.

Shannon O’Sullivan

For those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing me, my name is Shannon Marie O'Sullivan and ever since the ripe age of three, I have possessed the inherent urge to run for the position of Residence Hall Vice President of Campion. This aspiration of mine--along with the desire to cure autism and become every single Disney princess-- lies deep within the bowels of my left ventricle, and if elected I shall employ my greatest strengths to help the Campion community prosper in all their endeavors. I seek the position of vice president due to an epiphany I  had after hours of self-contemplation at the age of two and a half. Within myself, I recognize that my own direct leadership would not be in the best interests of my new found community; instead, Campion needs a strong woman to stand on the sidelines while providing innovative insight upon issues of importance within our hall. An essential resource necessary to any democracy is an assortment of varying viewpoints and the ability of members to cooperate for the greater good of their people. As Alex Gerdisch once said in a moment of deep insight, "Vote for Shannon O'Sullivan".

Craig Paulson

Being the President of Campion Hall isn’t just a title. To me, it is an honor and a privilege to serve this astounding community of students.  As an open, friendly, charismatic person, I will be the leader that the Residence Hall Association exemplifies, and I will make this dorm and university a more connected, caring, and cheerful community of people. I will abide by every standard and regulation spelled out in the constitution of the RHA, and will perform the position of President to the very best of my ability. Living amongst my peers here in Campion has taught me that college life isn’t about how successful or knowledgeable one is, but, rather, it is about learning to love and to help each other as a classmate, neighbor, and a friend. I will improve the residential life here in Campion, but even more importantly, I will create an atmosphere that brings us all closer together as classmates and friends.

Vice President

Conor Smith

Hello to all the Campion Champions, my name is Conor Smith, and I am running to be your new Campion Hall Vice President! I see a great year ahead of us, and I am excited to be apart of it. As your Vice President, I want to make sure Campion is a place where doors are open, lounges are full, and banana splits are served in the lobby all the time. College is a time to expand your knowledge, and, as mostly honors students, we know better than anyone the importance of keeping up with all the school work, but I want to help make sure that none of us miss out on all of the incredible experiences that Loyola and Chicago have to offer. I want to make sure we all have these experiences and that this year in Campion is one that will change our lives forever.

Finance Coordinator



Program Coordinator

Aaron Carlson

LoYOLO 2013! I will bring a unique approach to participating in meetings and planning events; unique in that I am a very positive, happy, and selfless person. I have always been told that my ability to motivate my peers through genuine dedication and openness allows me to work collaboratively with others. Furthermore, it is also very important to me that events held in the residence halls throughout the year are different from the typical “awkward middle school dance setting”, and much less “lame”. I feel that there are an infinite amount of awesome ideas for programs and events  that could come from each of the residents. And let me tell you now Campion, if elected, our Christmastime will blow Disney World’s out of the park. And free food will always be my main goal!

Margaret “Maggie” Marx

My name is Maggie Marx and I am running for Campion Hall Program Coordinator.  In this position, I will work to instill a greater sense of community within the hall by planning on and off campus events.  Such events will be academic, non-academic, and service based activities.  I will make sure that every resident is aware of the events and serve as a form of communication between the campus life and resident life here at Loyola.  I want to work towards lasting relationship and community among every Campion resident.

Kaitlin (Kaity) Parsons

As Campion Hall Council Program Coordinator, I would like to provide opportunities to increase a sense of community and unity to the Loyola campus and surrounding residential communities through group activities such as campus wide tournaments, charity events, and celebrations. Preventing any feelings of isolation, I will listen to the ideas and be a voice to the Campion Hall students.

Raj Patel


External Affairs Coordinator

Evan Creelgould

I am qualified for the position of External Affairs Coordinator because I’m very outgoing and organized.  My goal is to connect the Campion community with the Loyola, Rogers Park and greater Chicago communities. I will use my Ad/PR knowledge to promote the interests of Campion and its residents.







































de Nobili Hall Council


John Peloquin


Patrice Pirpiris

As President, I intend to make de Nobili a place for all residents to call home; I understand that the transfer from your home to this new environment can be difficult, but together, this council can make this building more comfortable. As I have already begun independently with many of the girls on my floor, I would like to continue spending time with all of those who live in de Nobili so that we can become each other's new family in this home away from home. I have already grown so close with the wonderful girls on the 4th floor, and I would be happy to be another friend and resource for the rest of the de Nobili residents. It is a tremendous responsibility to be the President of this Hall Council, but I would be honored to make sure that this council works effectively for the collective benefit of all in this building.

Conor Wedel

No matter how many brick walls we may hit as Resident Hall Association Council, I promise as being the president that we will stand up again and give all that we have to reach our goals.  I’ll work as a team member to help build an everlasting community between the residents of our hall by helping with designing and organizing events with the other council members. We will Listen to opinions of others will help hidden ideas become an amazing reality. Most importantly, we will have as much fun as we can while advancing to our goals.

Vice President



Finance Coordinator



Program Coordinator



External Affairs Coordinator


















Kenmore Area Council

(Canisius, Georgetown, Marquette, and Marquette South Halls)


Naem Mufarreh

If elected Hall Council President of Regis Hall, I Naem Mufarreh would make my mission to strive to collect input from fellow hall—mates, present ideas to the larger executive board, and implement the change you wish to see. With my past experience I know that I am both qualified and determined to be Hall President, and bring about the change we all wish to see. I have held Executive Board positions on local, state, national, and international boards and have met with world leaders at the NATO Summit including the President of Bulgaria to gain different leadership perspectives. I will take your ideas and combine them with my leadership skills to represent the greater Kenmore Area and to bring about the change, activities, and events everyone would like to participate in.

Vice President

Ashley Quinlan

Born and raised in eastern Iowa, I was taught that hard work and determination will take you far. If elected to Vice-President of the Kenmore Area Council, this is exactly what I plan to bring. I will make sure your voice is heard by bringing up your concerns, answering any questions you may have, and working on unity within our area. Although I was not involved with RHA last year, I believe that I have the skills necessary to make a positive impact on the residents of our area. Together, we can make this a great year to be a Kenmore Area resident.

Finance Coordinator



Program Coordinator



External Affairs Coordinator
















Mertz Hall Council


Jonathan Hernandez

Every person, no matter how insignificant, has an impact on his/her community: every individual has a voice, a thought, a way of life, and I plan on bringing out everybody’s opinion to light.

Jackson Kozlowski

Hello to all Mertz residents, my name is Jackson Kozlowski and I am running for the position of hall council President.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you during our time here at Mertz.  If elected, I will represent Mertz Hall with strong leadership, enthusiasm, and I will uphold the beliefs of our strong Jesuit community.  I will value every resident's opinion and keep Mertz an all inclusive community.  I hope we all can build a bond of friendship that will only grow over the next four years at Loyola.  I would appreciate each and everyone of your votes in this election and hope to have a great first year at Loyola, Mertz till it hurts!

Carolin Marschke

Hi! My name is Carolin Marschke, I'm from Madison, Wisconsin and I am running for President in the Mertz Hall Council 2013 election this year. My goal is to be able to meet as many students as possible and to hear what you all have to say about the community and Mertz in general. I believe that through this position in hall council I will have the opportunity to truly represent and voice a larger body of students all while giving everyone the possibility to speak out. I hope to work with the other halls around campus to create a more fun, comfortable, interesting, and well functioning experience on campus. Some topics that lie on my priority list would be to request an installment of water stations on every floor of Mertz, which I'm sure many of you can agree with! Also, I'd love to organize monthly events in which all Mertz residents are welcome to participate in, such as a trip to the Navy Pier or even an Ice Cream social so you can meet other students in your dorm.

Jordan Zurek

Since it was built in 1969, Mertz Hall has been home to nearly 650 students each year—over a quarter of the 2013 freshman class. It is a trademark of Loyola and is recognized by all students, staff, and guests on campus, as it is the tallest, most prominent building. By our sheer size, we are capable of accomplishing amazing things; as a community, we could accomplish so much more. As Mertz Hall Council President, I will make certain through outings and activities that our building becomes a community capable of giving back to Loyola and society as a whole. I will make certain that Mertz Hall becomes your home and a residence hall that leaves an impact on Loyola forever.

Vice President

Marty Engels

When you think of building community at Loyola, you think of a large group of people. When you think of a large group of people, you think of Mertz Hall. That being said my main goal as an executive board member would be to continue building the strong community that Mertz already is and make it an example for other halls to admire. As Vice President I would assist in any necessary manner in order to strengthen Mertz Hall as a whole. That includes communicating with the residents of Mertz and relaying concerns/suggestions to the executive board. Even though Mertz is obviously the best hall on campus, there is always room for improvement.

Finance Coordinator

Cecile Swift

Hello everyone! I am running For Finance Coordinator in Mertz Hall. Basically a fancy name for getting the money to make things happen, and trust me, I want things to happen! If elected, you can count on me to be organized and manage great fundraisers.  You bring the ideas, and I’ll get the money to make it happen. Good things can’t happen without money and that’s where I come in. I will be the one behind the scenes keeping everything organized and running smoothly. I see myself as highly qualified for this position as I excel at math and almost have OCD when it comes to organizing things. With your vote, I will personally make it my objective to make Mertz hall the best residential hall of all. MERTZ TILL IT HURTZ.

Program Coordinator

Analise Anderson

My name is Analise Anderson and I am running for Programing Coordinator of Mertz Hall Council.  I was the Commissioner of Public Relations for the Associated Student Body at my high school after serving on student council all four years. I believe that community is created by student participation and enthusiasm. As a part of Mertz Hall Council I hope to encourage student involvement in their dorm community by creating fun and exciting events that all will enjoy. I will work effectively with my fellow board members and listen to the suggestions of the members of my community. With Analise Anderson on your Hall Council this year will be filled with memories to cherish. 

Ellie Hoke

My name is Ellie Hoke, and I am interested in running for the Mertz Hall Programming Coordinator position because I want to contribute to the events and assist Mertz Hall in order to keep it how it is now; the most fun and community-like hall on campus. If I were elected for the Mertz Hall Programming Coordinator, then I would make sure various event activities are activities that the residents of Mertz Hall want and are excited about doing.  In past experience, I have helped advertise particular events and it is something that I really love doing, and I am passionate about.  I would really love the opportunity to be the Mertz Hall Programming Coordinator and insure everyone living in Mertz has an unforgettable year! Thank you.

Sarah Kovathana

Hello Voters! My name is Sarah Kovathana, I am a first-year student and my hope is to become Mertz Hall Program Coordinator for this coming year. As far as qualifications go, I have a range of experiences, but just to name a few recent ones, I was an Executive Board Member of my high school’s service club, Student Council Senator, and Class Executive Board Member. Being a part of these organizations has not only taught me to plan, organize, and follow through with several programs, but has also allowed me to acquire the qualities of responsibility, leadership, and effective communication. I will use the knowledge gained through my experiences thus far as well as keep an open mind to the ideas of students, fellow Hall Council members, and advisors. I hope to contribute to the already established Mertz stair-a-thon and support community philanthropic events with my service experience in mind. Vote Sarah Kovathana so I can have the honor of being a part of the unity fostered through the Residence Hall Association as well as put my passion into making Mertz Hall a more fun place to live.

External Affairs Coordinator

Maggie Sullivan

I’m Maggie Sullivan and believe myself to be naturally suited to the position of Officer of External Affairs because of my ability to communicate well with others in a professional manner. Persuasive yet honest in nature, I am confident that I will be able to supply the Mertz Hall Council with the materials and connections necessary for excellence.













































Northside Hall Council

(Fordham & Santa Clara Halls)


Jason Rhein

How do you define community? Some might define it as a group of people who live or work together. However, I believe that it can be defined in more ways than just that. A community can be whatever you put into it. Therefore, I am running for President of the Northside Area Council so that I can help to the community that I live in a great one. If I am appointed to the position, I promise to do my best to make sure that everyone in Fordham Hall and Santa Clara Hall lives in a fun, safe, and enriching community at Loyola.

Vice President

Valbona Bajrami

My name is Valbona Bajrami and I would like to become Vice President of Northside Area Council. My goal is to work on improving our communication with the students in our area so that we will be able to provide feedback on issues that students may be facing in their living environments here at Loyola. I also hope to help bring together more unity with the students in our area council by organizing events that will allow more interaction with each other.

Edward Thach

Hello everyone! I’m Edward Thach, a senior studying Environmental Science and Political Science living in Santa Clara Hall. I’d love to share my leadership talents and previous experience in RHA hopefully as the Vice President of our Area Council this year. My journey with RHA began my sophomore year as External Affairs Coordinator for Southside Winthrop’s Area Council, and I greatly enjoyed contributing to the joint success and fun our council had. Last year I was a Floor Representative for NAC offering my help and ideas as a non-officer. That valuable experience taught me the workings and needs of both sides of Area Council. I would be honored to be granted the chance to use these experiences for making this a great new year with RHA!

Finance Coordinator

Ryan Sugas

I am running for the position of Finance Coordinator. I want us to have as many fun events as possible. While Freshman Halls usually do more things, I believe we can do just as much as they do even in an upper classmen hall. In order to make sure each event can have the things they need I will make sure we don’t spend all of our dorm’s funding on things we don’t need. I’ll budget carefully to ensure that we won’t run out of money halfway through the semester and have to stop putting on fun events.

Program Coordinator

Samantha Anderson

I, Samantha Anderson, am running for Northside Area Council Program Coordinator. Having worked for Residence Life before as an RA I have developed many skills needed to organize fun, effective programs. I want to work with RHA and the Northside Area Council to build community with Northside residents and the greater Loyola community by programing to residents’ needs and interests.

Meagan Cook

I will be running for the position of Programming Coordinator for the Northside Apartments Area Council. Given the position of Programming Coordinator, I will work to build a strong sense of community in my area, across campus, and in the Roger’s Park neighborhood. My goal will be to develop programs that are both a fun way to explore Loyola and an opportunity to make meaningful connections.

External Affairs Coordinator

Allison Daley

Hey Northsiders! My name is Allison Daley and I am running for the External Affairs Coordinator position in the Northside Area Council.  As External Affairs Coordinator, I would work to create exciting programs and activities that are fun, as well as uphold our Jesuit values.  In planning and executing these programs, I would ensure that Northside resident voices are heard and that any decisions made are the best for our community.  So vote for me, Allison Daley, for External Affairs Coordinator and I guarantee you will have a fun and fulfilling year here on the Northside!

Sydney Hammuck

Running for the position of External Affairs coordinator, I hope to utilize and enhance my organizational, communication, and leadership skills.

My vision is to be a resource for all: my fellow residents and RHA members, along with the other organizations that work with the RHA Council.






























Regis Hall Council


Celine Chieu

I, Celine Chieu am running for Regis Hall President. As president, I plan to live out the mission of the Residence Hall Association. I plan to bring my community together in many ways such as, organizing community events with other halls. I would plan events that bring everyone together outside of the hall so we are all able to explore Chicago together. During the next semester I plan to organize an event to attend the aquarium or Chicago art museum to bring a community together. All these things will help build a community, which is a large part of Loyola’s motto.

Damir Ferreira

My name is Damir, and I am running for Regis Hall President. I am a transfer student, from the College of DuPage who is majoring in Biology/ Pre-med. I want to be your Regis Hall President, and help bring our community as a whole closer. I feel that our hall has a great foundation and that together we can capitalize on this year’s great start, while highlighting Loyola’s core beliefs. If I were to be elected I would push for upgrades both fun, and utilitarian. Thank you for your time, and I hope to be your Regis Hall President. 

Kristie Ford

As president of Regis Hall for the following year I will assure you that Regis will not only be for work, but also remain socially active. I will make sure that we have FUN gatherings for the residents of our hall that are NOT just filled with ice breakers. I also understand that this is our new home and will make sure it feels like that. If an individual has a concern about anything in the hall it will be properly addressed and not just thrown to the side. Also even if I am not elected, don’t be a stranger we all live together now guys and gals let’s make the most of this year. GO CLASS OF 2017!! :D

Matthew Garcia

My name is Matthew Garcia and I am running for Regis Hall Council President. I plan to satisfy the interests of the Regis Hall student body by taking monthly surveys about the needs of the community and feedback of my position as president. The Regis Hall Council and I will work together to create a better environment catered to the liking of the Regis Hall staff and residents. I believe that I represent the qualities of a great leader because I will listen to your needs and concerns, I am always available to talk with on an equal level of respect, and I am determined to create the best environment possible. I’m hopeful that you take my words into consideration when thinking of someone who can make it happen.

Elena Hernandez

I am running for Regis Hall Council President because I have held presidential positions throughout my highschool career and have worked with my cohorts to bring about many suggestions made by the student body. I realize there is no “I” in team and plan to work side by side with the rest of council to satisfy the needs and wants of the building. I know how to use funds and time wisely, which would allow me to use council meetings to address everything my peers have brought to my attention. I am an extrovert, and I am very easy to talk to. I love to talk to and help people, and this seems like an amazing opportunity to do so. Finally, I’d really love to build a closer community among Regis, where everyone feels comfortable and at home wherever they are in the building. Thank You.

Deonte’ Jones

My name is Deonte’ Jones and I am running for Regis Hall President. I am big on diversity and family orientation. Therefore, my mission is to turn Regis into the most family oriented hall on campus. Everyone should get to know each other and support each other. I want to organize many “Regis Only” events so that we could bond as a Regis family, and also organize events with other halls. I already see the positivity that everyone has starting the year off, and I want to make sure that everyone enjoys this school year to the fullest.

Julian Marshall

My name is Julian Marshall, a freshman living at Regis Hall. I am running for the position of Hall President. To my understanding, the job of the Resident Hall Association is to make living in a new community as comfortable and fun for all residents.  As president of Regis Hall, I bring a unique prospective to my fellow students and hall mates; by living in the residential hall as well I experience the same struggles and triumphs as they do. It is my goal to 1) make living in college fun; 2) build a stronger community and 3) Forge a legacy of excellence in all that we do; these goals are accomplished by following the Three C’s of Jesuit Education – Competence, Conscience and Compassion.  I am very excited to be working for all you who live in Regis Hall and at Loyola University Chicago.

Colin Moser

If elected to be President of the Regis Hall Council, I, Colin Moser, will dedicate myself to the students of Regis Hall ensuring that everyone has a say in the goals we put forth. I will bring about any and all changes within my power that help strengthen the whole community, working in the spirit of inclusion and enjoyment so that all can appreciate the opportunities we share. I believe in the strong leadership that I can bring to this amazing community, and hope to grow lifelong relationships with all of my fellow students here. I attempt every day to make new friends with everyone I can, in hopes that we can all feel more comfortable and at home as we take this big step in our lives in an environment we are all still getting used to. As President of Regis Hall council it would be my honor to serve you, my friends, bringing forward your ideas to make the changes you wish to see. Thank you for taking the time to read this short message, and remember to vote for me on Monday, September 9 or Tuesday, September 10 by checking your email for the online ballot.

Vice President

Nour Atassi

My name is Nour Yanna Atassi and it is my intention to run as Vice- President to the Regis Hall Council for the 2013- 2014 year.    I understand that you have probably heard many others say the same thing over and over again but I assure you, that I intend help in any way for the needs of our Hall.  I have a strong belief that in order to have a fun experience, we need to make everything suited for the needs of the students. For example, I believe that in a dorm filled with a very studious, but also cheerful student body, we need to organize the places of study and social togetherness.  Why you ask?  Everyone has their own ways of studying and their own preferences in environment.  I think we, as a dorm, should organize study sessions for specific classes, like BIOL101 or CHEM 101, especially during finals week.  These are only some ideas, but as your Vice- President I hope to create more to help us be as exciting and successful dorm as we could be. I one hundred percent believe that I will be an asset as a member of the Regis Hall Council.  Thank you.

Gabrielle Karbarz

As Regis Hall Vice-President, I, Gabrielle Karbarz, would contribute an essential bond connecting the residents of this hall.  Through activities, meetings, and other ways of gathering, I plan on creating relationships that will be memorable for all. I would assist my fellow leaders in building community throughout the school, something strongly enforced by Loyola University.  Working side by side with the President, I plan to assist in the organization of community events connecting the floors in Regis Hall as well as other Residence Halls on campus. Throughout my term, I will pursue to make Regis Hall a second home to those who reside within.

June Liu

Hello, my name is June Liu and I’m running for the position of Vice-President in Regis Hall. I plan to work closely with the RHA in addition to my fellow council members. I will not only look to my council members but also to my peers for suggestions and advice for future projects. I plan to make myself free for advisor meetings as well as prepare myself in the case that the president is un-available. In short, I want to run for this position not only because I want to make Regis one of the best residence halls, but also because I want to be more active with my fellow classmates.

Prag Patel

Greetings fellow Regis Hall Citizens. My name is Prag Patel and I’m running for the Vice President position for the Regis Hall Council. The message for the Loyola community is clear to us all; Care for Community, Care for Others, Care for Myself. If elected, I would contribute by bringing fun and energetic ways of having activities around the Regis Hall by planning activities such as movie nights, take a trip to Chicago, Game night, and have friendly floor competitions for prizes. Also plan out different venues and help any citizen out if there are any concerns they have.

Finance Coordinator

Meghan Adams

I, Meghan Adams, intend to run for Regis Hall Council Finance Coordinator.  As an accounting major, I am perfect for this position in that I know how the whole process works and how to make sure the programs we decide on are financed correctly.  I will make sure that I receive enough funds so that our hall can have an amazing year of outstanding experiences.  In addition, I have great ideas of programs we can participate in throughout the year.  It will be beneficial to have me elected to this position in the Regis Hall Council.

Roya Alkafaji

My name is Roya Alkafaji and I would like to be Regis Hall’s financial coordinator. I believe I would make a good financial coordinator because I have had experience with budgets and financial accounts. I can contribute to this role by ensuring the money given to us in our budget is used efficiently and in a way that can benefit the residents of Regis Hall. Vote for me!

Alison Krakowiak


Abraham Zayas

Hey guys, my name is Abraham Zayas and it is my intent to run for the position of Finance Coordinator of the Regis Hall Council. Coming from California and as a first-year transfer Finance student, I, along with most of us here in Regis, am slowly getting accustomed to our new school and our new environment. With that, I understand the importance of having someone that is friendly, outgoing, and reliable to represent us and our interests in the hall and overall university meetings. It is my desire to not only be the financial voice for our awesomely diverse hall community, but to also be a voice for YOU. If given the opportunity, I look forward to serving our hall and to look out for our monetary interests in the best way I possibly can!

Program Coordinator

Dalia Altarshan

I, Dalia Altarshan, am running for Program Coordinator. If I am elected, I hope to be able to organize numerous fun activities and events so that us students residing in Regis Hall can get to know one another better. I will also assist the RAs and the RHA in planning and organizing such activies.

Veronica Chevalier

I am running for the Hall Council Program Coordinator because I know we are all here to have a good time as well as get a good education. Part of the college experience is cultivating relationships and making lasting memories. As Program Coordinator I will make sure that events are not only fun, but also events you can Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook about. We don’t only have to work hard, but we get to play hard too. Regis will be the place where everyone will want to go to have a good time!

Carline Dayon

My name is Carline Dayon and I am running for Program Coordinator for Regis Hall.  As a hard worker and a good listener, I will use my skills to build residential community in Regis. Everybody deserves to have their voice heard and as a member on the Council Executive Board, I will do my best to bring students’ ideas to the table.  I would love to have the opportunity to hear other people’s ideas to make Regis Hall a better.  I want this year to be a fun, memorable year for all Regis Hall residents and as Program Coordinator I will make sure that happens!

Michael Destefano

If elected as Regis Hall Programming Coordinator, I will ensure that residents are able to enjoy their college experience to the fullest and implement programs that build community, foster strong friendships, and extend college life beyond academics.  As a sophomore, I know what students want to get out of college; I am not new to attending a university or living at one.  I also know what it is like to attend a university that does not offer enough opportunities for fun, and I transferred out because I wanted more out of college.  With my leadership experience from service work and 8 different organizations in high school—including student council—and from 3 during my freshman year of college, I plan to make your first year at Loyola a highly rewarding and memorable one.

Marissa Levigne

I want to be in Regis Hall Council because I believe it would be a great way to stay in touch with important movements and changes on campus. I also think it would be another way to meet people and make friends working towards the same purpose. As a Communication/Ad major, I am interested in the position of Programming Coordinator because I would like to be a part of the planning and advertising aspect for certain events. Lastly, I have previously been a part of a class council, but was never an officer. Therefore, even if I do not assume the position as Programming Coordinator, I would still like to attend Hall Council meetings. 

External Affairs Coordinator

Sarah Becker

Knock knock!

Who’s there?

It’s Sarah Becker and I am asking you to PLEASE vote for me to be the External Affairs Coordinator. I am most well known as one of the friendly faces behind the desk as a receptionist. I am looking to get involved with the Regis community far beyond the front desk and I think this will be a great way to do so. I could go on and on as to why I could be a great asset to Hall Council, but elections really freak me out so I am just going to leave this for you to decide. Thanks! See you around!

Valeria Chaidez

A vote for me as the External Affairs Coordinator for Regis Hall will ensure that you will have the most dedicated person working in your favor. As a political science major, I am motivated to succeed in any form of regulation and to reason with others in order to seek the best possible solution for both parties. My high school background consists of many extracurricular activities that I have gained vital leadership skills from. I was the president of my Future Educator’s Association (FEA) chapter my senior year and learned how to work with others in order to cooperate on events and projects. Furthermore, I helped coordinate freshmen orientation as a Link Crew Leader my junior and senior year. That position allowed me to develop my social skills and the ability to keep a large amount of people on task. Equally, if not more important, is my job at the Fox Valley Law Center. I have worked there since November of last year and it has taught me the most about myself and my work ethic. The experience of working with attorneys has allowed me to acquire many professional skills and connections that I will forever be grateful for. I have trained numerous employees and interns and enjoy every day that I get to be there. Thus, I have conveyed to you a quick look into my life as a leader. To reiterate, I am dedicated to my work wholeheartedly and feel that everyone’s voice should be heard and taken into consideration. So if you vote for me as your External Affairs Coordinator for Regis Hall, I promise to dedicate my very best leadership skills to this position. Thank you.

Joshua Graff

My name is Joshua Graff and I am running for the position of External Affair Coordinator. I am a transfer, sophomore student this year majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track. For who ever doesn’t know me, I am a social butterfly who loves to participate.  Growing up I wasn’t someone who talked excessively but a listener. I am here to lend my ears to anyone who needs it along with giving support in any way I can. I hope I will get the opportunity to be YOUR coordinator so we ALL can have an amazing year!

Natrina Kennedy

As the External Affairs Coordinator, It is my duty to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for those not only in Regis Hall, but as well as other halls and areas of Loyola University of Chicago. Communicating and working with other hall and area councils to guarantee that all programs and events are publicized on campus for students is an essential responsibility that I intend to hold on to. Executive tasks that my position entails are no challenge for me; it will be done on time and with great diligence. Working with more than just the Regis Hall Council will bring new adventures, new events, many opinions, and thoughts that will help build and allow residence life to endure great things this year and for many years to come. “Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”, Mattie Stepanek.











































































































San Francisco Hall Council


Matthew Dejewski

Hello there Voter! My name is Matt Dejewski, but they call me “Juice”. I know what you are thinking and the answer is YES! I am running for San Francisco Hall Council. If elected I hope to make San Fran the envy of all Loyola students, and something of Legend. However I can’t do it alone I need you! So remember VOTE DEJEWSKI!!

Alexandra Horton

This letter is to inform you that I have submitted an application for the 2013/14 Resident’s Hall Council Elections for Hall President in San Francisco Hall. As a resident of San Francisco Hall I am sympathetic towards any problems in the hall, additionally, I have a great consideration for the dynamics of the hall and want to help further the academic, social and cultural programs in our hall! I want to make this year an amazing one and get San Francisco Hall off to a great start, and I hope you do too! So elect me, Alexandra Victoria Horton, as Hall Council President for San Francisco Hall!

Alberto Ornelas


Thomas Prinz

I am Thomas Prinz, a freshman at Chicagos Jesuit University, Loyola University of Chicago. I am running for president of San Francisco hall. I intend to shift the focus of the residents of San Francisco hall from just their fellow neighbors that they share a building with to a wider scope that includes members from all residence halls, while continuing to build community in San Francisco Hall. A good way of summing up my mission on a larger scale would be saying that I want to get Loyola students to realize that there is more to Chicago than just Rogers Park, While building upon the sense of community that we share in Rogers Park. I also intend to hear the voices of all residents of San Francisco hall, and make certain that they are heard and taken into account, I want San Francisco hall not to be a residence hall, but rather a home. Hello, my name is June Liu and i'm running for the position of Vice-President in Regis Hall. I plan to work closely with the RHA in addition to my fellow council members. I will not only look to my council members but also to my peers for suggestions and advice for future projects. I plan to make myself free for advisor meetings as well as prepare myself in the case that the president is un-available. In short, I want to run for this position not only because I want to make Regis one of the best residence halls, but also because I want to be more active with my fellow classmates.

Vice President

Angelica “Gel” Pavone

I’m Angelica Pavone, commonly known as “Gel,” and I am running for Hall Council Vice President of San Francisco Hall. If elected, I would ensure that all of the students’ needs are made aware of, all of our San Franciscan voices heard. Whether you want more trash cans in the bathrooms or cookies in the lounges, I will work for you and your right to be a little bit demanding. I want to make San Francisco Hall as comfortable and as fun environment as possible. We’ll all be here for a whole school year, so why shouldn’t we make our home lovely? Let me help with that.

Finance Coordinator



Program Coordinator

Stephanie Griffith

My name is Stephanie Griffith and I am running for San Francisco hall program coordinator. If elected, I will work to promote unity and community in our residence hall. My goal as program coordinator is to design programs that encourage students to build friendships and create long lasting support systems. These programs will incorporate life on campus as well as exploring the surrounding city!

Jessica Roberts

I, Jessica Roberts, am running for one of the two Programming Coordinator positions in San Francisco Hall. Given my past high school experience with student council, I am familiar with programming events designed to unify and involve the student body. I would love to design events that San Francisco Hall Residents would like to attend, while helping build the community. I am also friendly, and welcome suggestions for events that anyone would like to share. I hope to get the position and look forward to working with all of you.

External Affairs Coordinator

Colleen Kenney

With organization, positivity and a hard work ethic I, Colleen Kenney, would serve well as the External Affairs Coordinator for San Francisco Hall.  Participants would receive information in a timely manner and I would effectively engage residents of our dorm in conversation to find out what can be done to benefit San Francisco Hall.  Along with this, I promise to maintain a professional attitude and to put the ideas, concerns and worries that others have at the top of my to-do list!































Simpson Hall Council


Ricky Moreno

As a member of the Leadership for Social Change Learning Community it is my desire to make a difference in society.  Accomplishing such a massive task has to be done through a set of small achievements.  Becoming president of Simpson Hall will not only further prepare me to accomplish my ultimate task but it will also suit my interests of doing the best for the people to whom I belong. Moreover, I enjoy the duties entrusted in such position.  As president I will lead the board by listening to all of the opinions presented and together come up with the best agenda and group dynamics for each one of us in Simpson Residence Hall.  Along with the executive board members we will try to carry out the optimum goals and objectives for the better of this organization.  Therefore, I will talk to the advisor to discuss the board’s agenda and make sure our tasks are fulfilled.

I have represented several organizations before, such as my youth group and my tennis team.  The Board of San Cristobal Magallanes and Companions Catholic Church assigned me to lead a group of youth by guiding them as well as helping them walk on a steady path.  My high school’s tennis team selected me as captain to cheer them up and represent the school through wise decisions and smart plays.  I know I can do a distinguished task if assigned to me, therefore, I wish to be elected as the 2013 Simpson Hall Council president.

Dennis Reilly

I am running for the position of President at Simpson Hall. I wish to be part of this community and believe that I can be a good leader. I promise to help all who need it and prioritize the problems accordingly. Some problems may be larger than others and those are the ones that I hope to deal with first so that it may inadvertently help fix the smaller problems. Even if I do not become hall president, I will still try my hardest to become a helpful member of the Residence hall.

Vice President

Nitu Patel

My name is Nitu Patel and I am currently running for Vice Presidency in Simpson Hall. My purpose in running for Vice President is to bring academic, social and cultural programs for fostering an enriched community and to increase peer involvement throughout the school year. I am motivated to provide opportunities for students to meet and socialize by supporting and planning events within and between individual residence halls and the campus as a whole. In addition, my goal is to bring about change to those concerns related to community building, facilities, programs and policies. In collaboration with the Residence Hall Association, I will serve to put every resident member’s thoughts and ideas into motion. As a member of the Simpson Hall community, I will become the microphone for your voice to be heard in cultivating the ultimate residential experience. 

Finance Coordinator

Hallie Cruz

As Financial Coordinator of Simpson Hall, I Hallie, want to and plan on increasing the sense of community among the residents of this particular hall as well as between ours and other residence halls. To do this I will advocate our funds in a way where we will be able spend more on social and educational programs that our Residence Advisors will plan. To ensure we keep enough funds to have a lot of programs, I will work with others on the e-board to organize fundraisers that in themselves can be fun for everyone, including myself, to participate in. I will serve as a liaison between residents and Program Coordinators, asking students for possible suggestions on programs/events and then reporting these ideas to the Program Coordinators so that we can acquire the means (the money) to get the supplies or whatever is needed to make the program a success. This also applies to multi-residence hall programs/events which then I will make sure to communicate and plan with their Program Coordinators and Finance Coordinator.

Morgan Harris

Community creates a home. Here at Loyola University Chicago, as a class and as essential parts of the student body, we need to come together to make this place our home, and who says we shouldn’t do it by having as many cost efficient events as possible? As your new Hall Council Finance Coordinator, I will effectively budget for all of our hall activities so that we may have numerous fun-filled events as well as endless fun and unity. A vote for me is a vote for smart money and great fun! Go Class of 2017!

Zachary Ludwig

Hello fellow Loyola students. I am Zachary Ludwig and I am running for financial coordinator for Simpson Hall. I hope to bring my previous experience managing finances for my student-run high school store to Simpson. For college it’s all about making as much happen with as little money as possible and I intend to stick to that idea. Thanks for your consideration, and have a wonderful day here at Loyola!

Program Coordinator

Taylor Bradshaw

I think the best way to build community as a residence hall is to actively reach out and help the surrounding area where we live through service projects, and to attend fun activities organized for our hall by our hall. I am running for programming coordinator, and if I am elected for this position I plan to serve in a hardworking and dutiful manner to create a more united environment for us. I have already thought of several fun filled events, that I will help to plan, that will strengthen the bond of us here in Simpson. In addition to strengthening our individual residence hall, I have thought of other activities that include pairing up with other residence halls to go out into our community to volunteer. Through the cooperation in working together with other residence halls, our campus will become more unified and thus improved. 

Conor Burton

Hello, my name is Conor Burton and I am running for Program Coordinator for Simpson Hall Council 2013. As an active member of our residence hall, I will do my best create and guide fun activities throughout the year. Being a member of the Multicultural Learning Community, I always go out of my way to make others feel included in spite of their differences. I am also a Political Science major, which gives me insight into such a leadership position. Above all, I am a kind and fun person who will have your best interests at heart. I hope to receive your vote!

Kelsey McClear

Please let this serve as my letter of intent for running in the Simpson hall council election for Program Coordinator. If elected I look forward to working with my fellow executive board members to plan fun and interesting events for all the residents in Simpson. I come here with a number of experiences in leadership positions in high school and the skills needed to be an effective leader. I look forward to all the things this year holds in store for us!

Elliot Moen

My name is Elliot Moen, and I am going to be running for Simpson’s Program Coordinator for the 2013-2014 school year.  I intend to fulfill the goals of Loyola’s RHA by striving to connect everybody who’s a part of the LUC Res-life community. That means that I’ll begin by connecting my building, Simpson, even closer as a community through the creation of programs that encourage the participation of all the residents. Then I plan to work with the external affairs staff in order to connect Simpson with all the other residence halls on campus. By doing this I’m positive that we as a Loyola resident community can grow closer as one big family!

External Affairs Coordinator

Amber Johnson

My name is Amber Johnson and I am running for External Affairs Coordinator in Simpson Hall. If elected into this position, I would be very active and aggressive in a mission to get residents of my hall involved in hall activities, the community and other such things.  It would be my goal to not only get Simpson hall residents involved in the hall community, but also to get Simpson hall as a whole involved in the Loyola community.

Vidhur Krishna

I am running for Hall Council External Affairs Coordinator in Simpson Hall. I will ensure that all affairs concerning other halls will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently in a most respectable manner. Also, I will make sure that there are a number of social events with other halls.

Shivani “Payal” Patel

My name is Payal Patel and I am running for an e-board position as an External Affairs Coordinator for Simpson Hall Council.  As a member of the Leadership Learning Community, I plan to integrate leadership development for the residents of Simpson Hall by promoting effective involvement in the coordinated programs and activities. In cooperation with RHA and other e-board members as well as members of the Hall Council, I plan to ensure that the coordinated activities are publicized throughout the campus to show our spirit of our Hall. My goal as an External Affairs Coordinator is to maintain records of our meetings and to verify that every resident and member is aware of our Hall affairs. As a resident of the Simpson Hall, I will motivate others to seek involvement in our programs and activities. I am motivated to create the best atmosphere for you as a member of Simpson Hall Council and as a resident of Simpson Hall.



























































Winthrop Area Council

(Fairfield, LeMoyne, Messina, Seattle, Spring Hill, & Xavier Halls)




Vice President

Marissa Boulanger

My name is Marissa Boulanger, and I’m running for Vice President of the Winthrop Area. I’ve had a lot of experience with leadership roles, and I think I could do really well on the Winthrop Area Board because of my familiarity with the area. I’m currently a Desk Receptionist at Messina, and I want to make this year as great as possible, beginning with where we live. Vote for me and know that I’m always open to ideas, and any problem you want to bring to my attention, I will try to solve quickly with the best outcomes possible.

Finance Coordinator

Heather Pijor

I am running for Finance Coordinator of the Winthrop Area Council. I will commit myself to this position and to making your voice heard in the Residence Hall Association. As an accounting major I will use my skills and the skills that I am learning to maintain the Area’s bookkeeping with sound procedures. Loyola University Chicago has provided me wonderful academic and social environments that have truly helped me grow into the person I am today. I would love to have the opportunity to be your Finance coordinator and help to further unite and build the residential community on campus.

Program Coordinator

Jordan Loader

I have chosen to run for the position of Programming Coordinator because I feel that events around campus are perfect for getting students involved in the Loyola community. I will listen to all my peers and do my best to bring the community together. Giving back to the community is important to me as well, so I will make sure the community stays strong. I will help build a stronger community at Loyola that will welcome all people of all backgrounds.

Kaitlyn McFeeley

Loyola University Chicago has provided me with a wonderful learning and social environment where I have started to discover who I truly am, and I would feel blessed to have an important role in continuing Loyola’s efforts at building community. As your Program Coordinator for the Winthrop Area, I will commit myself to being YOUR voice in the Residents Hall Association.  I will devote my passion for people, my creativity, and my desire to make Loyola a special place. I will work actively to plan and implement the programs, projects, and activities that will serve to draw us closer together as a community both academically and socially. My overall goal for becoming one of the Program Coordinators is to make our sophomore year at Loyola memorable, impactful, and just plain fun!

External Affairs Coordinator







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