Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Winter Break

As you begin to prepare for the successful completion of your classes, we want to share some guidelines regarding building closing and check out procedures at the end of the semester.  Please read this information carefully so that you are following all steps appropriately.

Closing Time and Date

All buildings will close for the semester on Wednesday, December 17th at 12pm (noon).  All residents are expected to leave 24 hours after their last final, or by December 17th at noon, whichever comes first.  Students making travel plans should do so with consideration to the closing date and time.

Please keep in mind that halls are completely closed over winter break and no students will be permitted to return to the hall for any reason (see exceptions below).  Please be sure to take all vital belongings with you (medication, ID, passports, etc.) as you will not be permitted access to your room during break.  Halls will re-open on Saturday, January 10th at noon.

Floor Meetings

Between November 16-23, hall staff will hold floor meetings in every community to share more specific information with you about closing.

Preparing for Closing

Please review these checklists to share specific expectations regarding how to prepare your room for closing.  Please review this document Winter Break Checklist - Traditional, Suite for traditional and suite-style halls, and Winter Break Checklist - Apartments for apartment-style halls.  Please work with your roommate(s) to make sure that all preparations are made appropriately.  These guidelines are in place to ensure that nothing in the room causes any safety or sanitation concerns, as you will be gone for several weeks.   Staff will be conducting room checks once the buildings are closed to verify that all rooms are correctly prepared for break.

Non-Returning Student for Spring Semester

If you are planning to not return to campus for the spring semester due to a change in your enrollment status, withdrawal from the university, graduation, or plans to study abroad, you MUST complete a Request for Release from your housing contract available here: http://www.luc.edu/erelease.   Any student who is released from housing for the spring semester must check out by Wednesday, December 17th at noon.  Student checking out will receive additional communication about the check-out process.

Winter Break Housing Registration

Residents of Baumhart, Bellarmine, Fordham or Santa Clara are permitted to register to stay in their assigned space during break provided they are registered for Spring 2015 classes and are assigned to continue to live in the space for the spring 2015 semester.

For safety and security purposes, all residents intending to access and/or reside in their hall for any portion of the break period (December 17th – January 10th) MUST register with the Department of Residence Life as a break housing resident using the form that will be available December 1st.   This form must be completed by 5 pm on Monday, December 8th.  Any late requests will not be considered, and you will be asked to find other housing arrangements for the break period.  Students not in need of break housing or who do not submit a request are expected to leave their fall assignment 24 hours after the completion of their last final, or by 12 pm on December 17 whichever comes first.

Please contact your hall staff with any questions.  Be on the lookout for additional information and closing details later this month.