Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life



Before Move-in Day, students will receive detailed information via their LUC e-mail account regarding their housing assignment and move-in time. Included in this information is a move-in passport that includes the student’s room assignment, move-in date and time, campus mailing address, meal plan assignment, and other student(s) assigned to the room. Information is subject to change.

A few reminders before you arrive:

  • Travel in ONE car only: multiple cars, RVs, and other large vehicles will not be permitted to park in the on-campus parking garage. Each student will receive a parking pass for one car only in their move-in manual.
  • Students MUST move-in at their assigned move-in time. We are unable to take requests for specific move-in dates/times, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you or a family member require special accommodations (wheelchair accessibility, limited mobility), please contact our office for assistance. 
  • Be sure to provide documentation of your immunization records with the Wellness Center if you have not already done so. 
  • Loyola recommends renters insurance for all residents. Loyola does not accept or assume responsibility for the theft, damage, or other loss of any tangible/intangible personal property.
  • ResLife has partnered with USS to offer several services, including ship-to-your-room, micro fridge rental, and residence hall linens.
  • Don’t miss your move-in time! Plan your trip to arrive at the given time. If you arrive outside of your move-in time, you will be redirected to a parking garage and will have to wait until conditions allow you to proceed.
  • Move-in assistance is available on scheduled move-in days and times. Carts will be available to help you unload.
  • Don't over pack! Everything should fit into two move-in carts (carts are 48" X 28.5" X 59"). Large furniture may be prohibited. See our Suggested Packing List for tips.
  • Don’t use cardboard boxes! Use plastic storage bins: they will be very handy when it comes time to move out! Please clearly label each bin with your name and room number.