Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Laundry and Work Requests

Loyola Maintenance Request
To submit a work request to the Facilities Department, please use the TMA system. The Facilities Department does not process laundry requests; for laundry concerns, please see below. (allow pop-ups to access TMA site)
For directions on submitting a work request click here.
Questions about the TMA system? Email Richard Jacques (rjacques@LUC.edu)
Laundry Machines and Maintenance
Laundry services are provided in partnership with WASH Laundry Systems. If there is a malfunctioning washer/dryer, please contact WASH directly. 
Phone: (800) 342-9532
SmartPhone App: Fixlaundry ( Apple | Android )
For refunds due to malfunctions, please submit a Laundry Refund Request.