Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Emergency Procedures

If any emergency, such as fire, sickness, accident, or any other threatening situation occurs on your floor, immediately call 911 (9-911 from campus telephones). Then call campus safety at 44-911 from campus telephones, or 773.508.6039 from off-campus telephones.

When you call, be prepared to:

  • Give your name, location and telephone number.
  • Describe the nature of the emergency.
  • Follow the dispatcher’s instructions.

Once this is done, contact the on-duty Resident Assistant. The RA has the necessary information on whom to call.

Severe Weather/Tornadoes

During a Severe Weather the following procedures should be followed:

  • Listen to a Local Weather or Radio station for the latest updates on weather in your area.
  • Know the following watch and warning levels:
    • TORNADO WATCH: Tornadoes are possible in your area. Remain alert for approaching storms.
    • TORNADO WARNING: A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar, if a tornado warning is issued for your area and the sky becomes threatening, move to your pre-designated place of safety.
    • SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH: Severe thunderstorms are possible in your area.
    • SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING: Severe thunderstorms are occurring.

If a warning is issued or if threatening weather approaches:

  • In a home or building, move to a pre-designated shelter, such as a basement.
  • If an underground shelter is not available, move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor and get under a sturdy piece of furniture.
  • Stay away from windows.

In the event of severe weather with threat of tornado, please move to the lower floors of your building and remain in the interior hallways away from any glass. Try to stay in floor groups, so that a determination can be made as quickly as possible about people who may be missing. You will receive further information from residence hall staff and security personnel at your location.


When you move into your room, you will notice the emergency evacuation procedures posted in your hallway and on each stairwell door at the end of the hall. They are here for your protection, so read them thoroughly and carefully. LUC and the City of Chicago view fire regulations as most important. Alarm boxes, which are located throughout the building, and other fire equipment must not be disturbed except in case of an actual fire, and tampering with them will subject you to immediate termination of your housing, plus civil penalties. Please refrain from “playing” with the fire extinguisher on the floor. A game could have tragic consequences if people are hurt needlessly because an extinguisher couldn’t be used because it was empty. Every student and their guests are required to evacuate the building should an alarm be sounded. Evacuations should be executed via the instructions posted in all hallways and stairwell doors. Evacuations will be via stairwells, as elevators are shut down when a fire alarm goes off. Residents should evacuate to the following rally points.


In case of the evacuation of a residence hall, all residents should move immediately to a specific rally point. Department of Residence Life staff, with the assistance of University Chaplains and Campus Safety Staff, will provide instructions there.

Residence HallRally Point
Baumhart Hall Corboy Law Center
Bellarmine Hall Centennial Forum First Floor
Campion Hall Centennial Forum First Floor
Canisius Hall San Francisco/IES First Floor Lounge
de Nobili Hall San Francisco/IES First Floor Lounge
Fairfield Hall Simpson Living Room
Fordham Hall Damen Student Center
Georgetown Hall San Francisco/IES First Floor Lounge
LeMoyne Hall Simpson Living Room
Marquette Hall San Francisco/IES First Floor Lounge
Marquette South Hall San Francisco/IES First Floor Lounge
Messina Hall Simpson Living Room
San Francisco Hall Simpson Living Room
Santa Clara Hall Crown Center Auditorium
Seattle Hall Simpson Living Room
Simpson Hall Regis MPR
Spring Hill Hall Fairfield Living Room
Xavier Hall Simpson Living Room

In drills, as in actual emergencies, residence hall staff has the same authority as representatives of the Fire Department. Students who refuse to follow evacuation procedures will be referred to OSSCR for disciplinary action.