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Bed Lofting & Bunking Requests

Bed Lofting & Bunking Requests


Bed Lofting & Bunking

There are four main ways that beds on campus can be configured.  Depending on the residence hall, some configurations may not be possible.  The four configurations and the buildings where those options are available are as follows:

12" off the ground Beds stacked 36" off the ground 64" off the ground
All buildings All buildings Available in: Available in:
 (Space permitting)   Bellarmine Bellarmine
    de Nobili de Nobili
    Georgetown Georgetown
    Marquette South Marquette South
    Messina Messina
    San Francisco San Francisco

In most cases, beds will be set at standard height when students arrive (12” off the ground and unbunked). 

A bunking/lofting request form (link http://tinyurl.com/pn27y3l) is available before the beginning of the Fall semester (during the last two weeks of July) where students can request for beds to be set up a particular way for their arrival.

Important Dates for Fall 2014:

Since staffing is limited after the start of the school year, requests to modify bed arrangements after the initial set up is limited to the following situations:

  1. Occupants of the room have changed
  2. There is a documented medical accommodation
  3. A situation has occurred that necessitates a change in bed arrangement and is approved by the Resident Director

Students always have the option of modifying their bed arrangements on their own (and do so at their own risk).  If students need help modifying their beds after initial bed setups are complete, and the modification is not covered by one of the 3 reasons stated above, the assistance of 1 staff person can be requested through their RA and the staff person will assist the residents of the room in making the appropriate bed modifications (in most cases this will require one or two of the residents to help make the desired modifications).

PLEASE NOTE: Beds are a part of the university furniture included in your residence hall room.  In accordance with Residence Life Policies and Procedures no furnishings may be altered or removed from your room which includes university beds.  In addition, for the safety reasons beds may not be stacked on top of cinder blocks and use of non-university lofts is prohibited.


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