Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

On-Campus Housing During Break Periods

During the Winter Break, students continuing in the residence halls for spring semester may leave their personal items in their current room and are not expected to completely move out of the residence halls. Access to the halls during the break is restricted, so students will not have access to items left in their rooms.

During the summer break periods, students must completely vacate the residence halls and move all personal property out of the halls. The university does not provide storage of personal items in university facilities.

Residence halls are closed during these periods for several important reasons:

  1. Proper Care and Maintenance of Facilities: Proper care and maintenance requires vacating of rooms and periodic shutdown and interruption of basic services such as water, electrical, fire and life safety systems in order conduct these activities.

  2. Safety & Security: During traditional break periods students leave the campus and vacate the residence halls, university offices are closed on holidays, and services and staffing levels are reduced. These factors combined require closing residence halls and restricting access to reduce safety and security risks.

  3. Staffing & Services: Break periods are typically scheduled around major holidays and are popular times for university personnel to utilize holiday and vacation time, thus reducing staffing levels and service. University staff utilize this time to conduct training programs for staff, work on special projects, prepare for the upcoming semester, and are not able to provide all services typically available during regular operations.

  4. Cost: Room and board costs do not cover break periods. Providing these services would require the assessment of additional fees to cover all costs.

Emergency Requests for Housing During Break Periods

Departments and organizations should avoid scheduling events or programs that require student attendance during break periods in which the residence halls are closed. Departments, organizations or individuals must submit a written request to the Vice President for Student Affairs or Director of Residence Life which describes the critical nature of the need for on campus housing, and provide information on the number of students needing housing and dates requested.

If the request is approved, sponsoring departments, organizations or individuals will be required to pay for all costs associated with providing housing and related services. Relocation to temporary housing accommodations may be required and some services may be limited or unavailable.