Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Health & Safety Inspections

Around midterms each semester, the Residence Life Staff in each building will be inspecting each room to identify and address any health, safety, sanitation, and maintenance issues that may be present. There are several reasons for the health and safety room inspection program:

  • To encourage students to become engaged in maintaining the condition of their living environments, to assist students in learning how to maintain a clean and safe environment in their room, and promote a better understanding of the expectations the university has for students living on campus;
  • To assist in the prevention of rodent and pest infestations, damage problems and other issues that impact the health and safety, as well as the quality of life for all students living in the residence halls; and
  • To assist us in properly maintaining the condition of our residence halls.

Each Resident Assistant will be providing additional information about the inspection process and provide residents with a check list of things they should do to prepare for the room inspection. In addition, each RA will be holding floor/community meetings in advance of the inspection to answer questions and communicate information about the health and safety inspection program.

The Department of Residence Life understands your concerns about privacy, but believe the inspection program is a necessary measure that will prove to be beneficial to all students living in the residence halls now and in the future.

The following is a sample checklist of preparations that you would need to take prior to the inspection program. IMPORTANTThis is only a sample checklist; the actual one will be made available shortly before the inspection program.

  • Remove all trash and properly dispose of it in the trash room or other trash receptacles located in your building.
  • Vacuum or sweep and mop all floors in your room.
  • Check your smoke detector to see if it is properly attached and in operational condition.
  • Check electrical outlets, cords, and connections to make sure they are not overloaded and that cords are not run under carpets or around bedding.
  • Check to ensure that beds, other furnishings, and other items are not blocking emergency egress and heating and ventilation units.
  • Note any maintenance problems in your room and report them to the staff during the inspection.
  • Do your laundry and properly store your clean clothes when finished
  • Pick up and organize your personal stuff.
  • Make sure your screen is installed on windows (they are not supposed to be removed).
  • Walls, windows, ceilings, doors and university furnishings should be free of stickers, graffiti, stains, and unauthorized paint.
  • Clean up any spills and messes and get rid of any leftover food sitting around the room.
  • Do a little light dusting around the room.
  • In the kitchen, dispose of spoiled food, wipe down surfaces, clean up appliances, do the dishes and store them away, and properly store food.
  • In the bathroom, clean the toilet, including in and around the bowl, clean the shower/tub, clean the floor, wipe down countertops and clean the sink, and put away and/or organize personal items.

It is okay for your room to look a little bit "lived in," but it is expected that some effort will have been made to clean the room and to ensure that no health or safety concerns exist. Staff will be doing a quick visual check of your room that should only last a minute or two.

Information about the inspection policy and standards, as well as other important Residence Life policies, is available in the Loyola Student Handbook.