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This Week in Student Life: The Week of June 2nd

Summer Session I Activities

Summer session students hard at work on the calcio field


Trimani Wine Tasting

On Monday, June 9th, SLAs Anna Springer, Mitch Catalano, and Russell Gonzalez led a group of twenty students to the famed Tramani Wine Bar for a private wine tasting. The bar's patron, Carla Trimani, help organized a "giro per Italia" of beautiful Italian wines taking us from the northern to southern regions of this fertile peninsula. SLA Anna gave students proper tasting training, SLA Mitch explained Italy's capacity for wine growing, and SLA Russell led the students through each of the seven wines step by step. The group enjoyed this unique opportunity for over two hours and left with a much greater appreciation for the diversity of Italian viticulture!

Summer 2014 Calcio

Wednesday night means the same for many past, present, and future JFoRCers who study at the John Felice Rome Center during the Fall and Spring semesters. Unfortunately, Summer JFoRCers miss out on this tradition of walking down in a large crowd to the soccer fields, playing a silly yet tough game of mini-soccer, and recovering with classic Italian pizza and beer.

Fortunately, our Summer 2014 JFoRCers were able to experience this tradition. The league was divided into four teams: Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo. The ninja turtle teams were honorably matched by skill which allowed each game to be competitive, dynamic and fast-moving to watch.



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