Dr. John Nicholson, professor at the John Felice Rome Center, led a group of 25 students to Rome’s ancient port city of Ostia Antica to explore the remains of the city founded in 4th century BC. Dr. Nicholson’s area of focus is art history, but he also served as a tour guide, explaining the history and implications of Ostia Antica on Roman life. Ostia Antica is an hour’s drive from campus and students were given a tour of the small city that at one time provided all imports to the larger metropolis of Rome. After a lunch break in the theater in Ostia, the students continued their tour of the town. The catacombs directly outside of Rome were then visited with a guided tour. No pictures could be taken at this religious burial place, but the city and catacombs are combined to show the history of Rome, both secular and religious. The catacombs visited are the most extensive series of catacombs in Rome, housing Popes, martyrs, and saints. View the Photo Gallery on the right.