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Fall 2014 Course Offerings


Dept / Crse #Class #TitleInstructorDays / TimesCross-Listing(s)Core Area / Pre-Requisites / Restrictions
ClSt 206 #5668 Art of Ancient Greece G. Scichilone Th 9:30a-12:30p FnAr 336 Artistic Knowledge & Experience
ClSt 277 #6029 World of Late Antiquity A. Evers T Th 3:40-4:55p   Tier 2 Historical Knowledge
ClSt 309 #5821 Greece to Alexander the Great A. Evers T Th 9:30-10:45a Hist 307   
ClSt 334R #5671 Introduction to Classical Archaeology G. Scichilone M 9:30a-12:30p Anth 334; ROST elective  
Comm 299 #5712 Themes in Film and Digital Media M. Calleri W 2:00-5:00p    
Engl 290 #4522 Human Values in Literature E. Geoghegan Th 9:30a-12:00 Noon   Tier 2 Literary Knowledge & Experience
Engl 318 #2633 The Writing of Fiction: Writing Rome E. Geoghegan T 9:30a-12:30p ROST elective Artistic Knowledge & Experience; Writing Intensive; On-Site
Finc 332 #3241 Business Finance D. Pollon M W 5:00-6:15p   Quinlan School of Business core requirement: Junior status; Acct 201, Econ 201, ISOM 241
FnAr 113 #1417 Drawing I R. Mannino W 9:30a-12:30p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience
FnAr 202 #3243 Modern Art T. Bohr, SJ W 2:00-4:30p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience
FnAr 342

#1306; #1308

Art in Rome J. Nicholson W 9:30a-12:30p; Th 9:30a-12:30p ROST elective Artistic Knowledge & Experience; On-Site
FnAr 343 #2012 Baroque Art  J. Nicholson T 9:30a-12:30p   On-Site 
Hist 101 #4575 The Evolution of Western Ideas & Institutions to the 17th Century A. Prieto M W 5:00-6:15p   Tier 1 Historical Knowledge
Hist 300 #2229 Special Topics: Emperors, Bishops, and Barbarians A. Evers T Th 12:30-1:45p    
Hist 335 #4812 19th & 20th Century Italy A. Wingenter W 10:00a-12:30p ROST elective Writing Intensive
Honr 216A #4601 Encountering Contemporary Europe A. Wingenter W 2:00-4:30p   Tier 2 Historical Knowledge; HONORS Students ONLY
Ital 101

#1311; #1312; #2911; #1313; #1959;


Italian I

N. Cristiani, E. Faramondi, R. Gurtner, M. Palladino, I. Conestabile

M T Th 3:40-4:35p; M T Th 12:15-1:10p; M T Th 2:00-2:55p; M T Th 4:00-4:55p

  Required for all students without previous university-level Italian language experience
Ital 102 #1314; #2967; #4602 Italian II

N. Cristiani; D. Curioso; R. Gurtner

M T Th 2:00-2:55p; M T Th 12:00p-12:55p

Ital 103 #1315 Italian III N. Valli M T Th 4:00-4:55p    
Ital 104 #1736 Italian IV N. Valli M T Th 2:00-2:55p    
Ital 250 #1316 Composition & Conversation I M. Palladino M T Th 5:00-5:55p    
Litr 200 #3918 European Masterpieces (WI) F. DiBiagi T Th 2:20-3:35p ROST elective Tier 2 Literary Knowledge & Experience; Writing Intensive
Litr 202 #3919 The European Novel G. Sotis T Th 11:00a-12:15p ROST elective Tier 2 Literary Knowledge & Experience
Litr 267  #2325;
Italian Film History F. DiBiagi film T 7:00-9:30p with lecture Th 11:00a-12:15p or Th 5:00-6:15p ROST elective   
Litr 268 #2670 Italian Cultural History: Foods & Wines of Italy G. Sotis T Th 2:20-3:35p ROST elective  
Mark 341 #2407 Global Marketing M. Langer T Th 2:20-3:35p   Junior status; Mark 201
Mgmt 321 #3242 International Business Ethics R. Shaw M W 10:00-11:15a   Sophomore status; Econ 202; Mgmt 201
Musc 142 #3010 Voice Class for Beginners D. Surratt M 9:30a-12:30p Thtr 142  Artistic Knowledge & Experience
Musc 154 #2156 Introduction to Opera L. Zammar M 6:30-9:00p Thtr 154; ROST elective Artistic Knowledge & Experience
OpMg 332 #3237 Operations Management M. Langer T Th 3:40-4:55p   Quinlan School of Business core requirement: Junior status; ISOM 241
Phil 130 #3921; #5674 Philosophy and Persons S. Ferrarello

M W 11:30a-12:45p;

M W 10:00-11:15a

  Tier 1 Philosophical Knowledge
Phil 181 #5809 Ethics S. Giacchetti M W 11:30a-12:45p   Ethics
Phil 277 #4528 Aesthetics: The Aesthetic Experience in Rome S. Giacchetti M W 3:40-4:55p ROST elective  Tier 2 Philosophical Knowledge
Phil 288 #4600 Culture and Civilization: Italian Renaissance Philosophy S. Giacchetti M W 5:00-6:15p   Tier 2 Philosophical Knowledge
PlSc 102 #3922 International Relations in an Age of Globalization C. Lodici T Th 2:20-3:35p   Tier 1 Societal & Cultural Knowledge
RoSt 300 #1321 Italy: Culture and Context G. Sotis T Th 12:30-1:45p   Rome Studies minor required course
Socl 267 #5673 Italy Today S. Maclaren W 10:00a-12:30p ROST elective  
Theo 100 #5758 Introduction to Christian Theology T. Bohr, SJ M W 10:00-11:15a   Tier 1 Theological & Religious Studies Knowledge; Spirituality & Faith in Action
Theo 266 #5822 Church in the World P. Renczes, SJ M 7:00-9:30p   Tier 2 Theological & Religious Studies Knowledge; Spirituality & Faith in Action
Theo 279 #5759 Roman Catholicism (partially on-site) T. Bohr, SJ T 9:30a-12:30p ROST elective  Tier 2 Theological & Religious Studies Knowledge; Spirituality & Faith in Action
Thtr 261 #3009 Beginning Acting E. Nicholson W 2:00-5:00p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience
UCLR 100 #5756 Interpreting Literature M. Mitrano W 2:00-4:30p   Tier 1 Literary Knowledge
UCWR 110 #3084 Writing Responsibly S. Stella T Th 12:30-1:45p   Writing Seminar; Rome START students only
Univ 101 #3664 First-Year Seminar S. Cavallo T 10:00-11:00a   Rome START students only
Univ 301 #2384 Ricci Seminar A. Wingenter TBA   RICCI Scholars only; Writing Intensive


TUTORIALS for CREDIT (permission required)

Dept/Crse #Class #TitleInstructorPre-requisites/Comments
Grek 388 #6093 Readings in Greek Literature I Conti Ancient Greek through Level 200+
Ital 300 #1317 Tutorial for credit Palladino Italian through 250-251
Ital 301 #3056 Stylistics TBA Italian through 250-251
Latn 388 #6094 Readings in Latin Literature I Evers Latin through Level 200+
Musc 280K #4074 Applied Music: Voice Surratt Consent only; Artistic Knowledge
PoSt 199 #6225 Introductory Topics in Polish Studies McLees Restricted to students attending the Poland study trip

Course Offerings are Tentative and Subject to Change. All classes are worth three credit hours, unless otherwise noted.


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