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John Felice Rome Center

IntS 370 / ROST 390 - Internship in International Studies

Spring 2012

Course Description

This course offers students at the John Felice Rome Center an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience as an intern in Italian and international organizations and companies, essentially making the city of Rome their classroom.  Students will intern in a wide variety of placements including but not limited to:

  1.        non-profit organizations such as  the Jesuit Refugee Service, the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center, the Jesuit Refugee Center and the Comunità di Sant’Egidio; 
  2.        private companies/law offices such as Baker & McKenzie, Di Amato Associati, ZTE Italy
  3.        government offices such as the USA Embassy;
  4.        political campaigns/activist organizations such as Democrats Abroad Italy, Awar (American Women’s Association of Rome)  
  5.        international organizations such as Italy USA Foundation,International Development Law Organization (IDLO), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU);
  6.       Museums/Libraries/Institutes  such as Capitoline Library – Comune di Roma, Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana -P.I.A.C


Learning Objectives

The internship course is designed to achieve five major purposes, allowing students to:

  1.        apply classroom knowledge to a professional work environment
  2.        gain valuable professional experience in an international setting, thereby making their resumes more competitive in the U.S. and world labor markets
  3.        “test the waters” of a specific professional area of interest
  4.        “get a foot in the door” by accruing work experience in a specific professional area of interest;
  5.        gain deeper historical, cultural and practical perspectives on Roman and Italian life. 


Internship Selection and Course Requirements

Students interested in participating in the internship program undergo a selection procedure that includes: 

  1.        submitting a resumé in English;
  2.        sitting for a preliminary interview with the instructor;
  3.        undergoing an on-site interview with a prospective supervisor (most Italian employers require an official interview in their company before making a final decision);
  4.        successfully completing Italian 101 or any one-semester Italian course at the JFRC before undertaking an internship;
  5.        signing an internship contract (convenzione di stage);
  6.        enrolling in the INTS 370/ROST 390 course for the spring semester.

The internship course (INTS 370/ROST 390) is worth 3 credit hours and it involves working 8-10 hours per week at the placement site. 


Means Of Assessment

The final grade will be determined on the basis of the following criteria, and grades will be assigned according to the following scale:


                                                % of final grade                                   Grading Scale


                %            gr. pt.      meaning

A             100-94     4.00         excellent

A-            93-90       3.67        

B+            89-86       3.33

B              85-82       3.00         good

B-            81-80       2.67

C+           79-76       2.33

C             75-72       2.00         satisfactory

C-            71-70       1.67         min. for pass/fail option

D+           69-66       1.33

D             65-60       1.00         poor

F              59-0         0.00         failure





Weekly Journal                                      25%

Oral Presentation                                    10%                 

On site attendance/Host evaluation           25%

Final Paper                                            40%

C- (© minus) will be the minimum acceptable grade for university undergraduate requirements, such as the University Core Curriculum and the Values Across the Curriculum requirements.

Submission of a weekly journal, due every Friday at 9:00 am (to be sent via E-mail) will constitute 25% of the final grade. Failure to send the journal in time will constitute a penalizing issue(0.5% each  late journal). Journals will be responded by the instructor once a month.

On-site attendance together with the performance evaluation by the site supervisor at the end of the semester will constitute 25% of the final grade.

Student’s individual presentations, on their specific internship experience, will be due according to the alphabetical list during the mandatory class meetings.

Interns are  required to submit an 8-10 page research paper describing their experience which will also constitute 40% of the final grade (additional guide lines will be forthcoming). Failure to submit the Final Paper  in time will constitute a penalizing issue ( minus 2%  on the final grade calculation)


Attendance Policy

Attendance at all three class meetings is mandatory. . For the purpose of grade calculation, each  unexcused absence that a student accumulates will reduce her or his final grade by 3%  .(please see the general absence policy at the end Successful completion of this course for academic credit presupposes logging the agreed 8-10 hours per week at the placement site.  Failure to accrue the number of hours, except in the case of documented illness  will result in an unsatisfactory job evaluation with a concomitant impact on the final grade. In order for an absence to be excused, the student must present the supervisor with a written note of excuse from the Dean of Faculty, the Associate Dean of Students, the Director of Residence Life. Please note that such personal reasons as travel plans, visiting relatives, friends, etc., cannot be accepted as valid grounds for excusing an absence unless authorized by the Dean of Faculty.


General absence policy

In order for an absence to be excused, the student must present the instructor with a written note of excuse from the Dean of Faculty, the Associate Dean of Students, the Director of Residence Life. Please note that such personal reasons as travel plans, visiting relatives, friends, etc., cannot be accepted as valid grounds for excusing an absence unless authorized by the Dean of Faculty.


Academic Integrity Statement

Plagiarism or any form of academically dishonest behavior will result minimally in the instructor assigning the grade of “F” for the assignment.   In addition, all instances of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Rome Center’s Associate Director for Academic Affairs, who may constitute a hearing board to consider the imposition of additional sanctions, including a recommendation of expulsion, depending on the seriousness of the misconduct.   Familiarity by all students with Loyola University Chicago’s Undergraduate Studies Catalogue section on Academic Integrity, will be assumed by the instructors. 



Calendar of Internship Selection and Course

September 21 (Wednesday): First informational meeting.

September 28(Wednesday):): Resume (in English), copy of your passport (page with photo and page with your personal details) for the codice fiscale and (if different from the one indicating in the A.P.)  student’s availability for interviews due to Nadia Cristiani (late applications will not be accepted).

October 3 (Monday) through to October11 (Tuesday): On-campus interviews

Week of January 16 (Monday): All internships begin. (Exceptions will be made only in case of documented illness)

Mandatory class meetings will be held on Wednesdays 6.15-7.15. Specific dates will be provided.

April 20 (Friday): between 2.00 and 5:30 PM.  Final research papers and site job evaluation forms due to Dottoressa  Cristiani  with and additional copy to the Academic Dean Dr. S. Cavallo.


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