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The Statement

 Text on Policy Statement on Socially Responsible Investing

The Board of Trustees of Loyola University of Chicago desires that Loyola’s investments be consistent with the ethical, social, and moral principles inherent in its traditions as a Jesuit, Catholic institution of higher education. In particular, the University is firmly committed to an investment policy that balances effective support of its academic programs and broader educational and social mission with the promotion of social justice and the dignity of the individual.

 Along with regular evaluation of investments’ performance and suitability for achieving program-related goals and policy targets, the University will maintain an awareness of its commitment to the concept of Christian stewardship in judging their merit.  An active, ongoing effort will be made to apply these principles to the administration of the University’s investments.  The University shall adopt an approach centered on advocacy; that is, the University will attempt to sensitize management through proactive means such as inquiries, letters of concern, and joint actions with other shareholder advocacy groups to bring about change.

 In order to achieve and implement these goals, the University shall establish an advocacy committee to work with and assist University administrators with respect to issues of concern and selected advocacy initiatives, and to serve as an information resource for the University administration and community about related social, ethical, and moral issues.  The committee shall prepare periodic reports to the University no less frequently than annually.

Implementation of this policy will be reviewed periodically by the Investment Policy Committee of the Board of Trustees.  This policy shall supersede prior statements on this subject.

 Adopted March 3, 2006


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