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Shareholder Advocacy Committee

SAC Initiatives

Shareholder Resolutions and Corporate Dialogues

The Shareholder Advocacy Committe (SAC) shall engage with companies - through an approach centered on advocacy - in discussion concerning their practices and policies (i.e., letters of concern, inquiries); to join forces with other like-minded advocacy groups in initiatives, such as filing shareholder resolutions, to effect positive change; to vote the University’s shares; to and to serve the University as a resource for information on advocacy issues, social responsibility, and corporate governance. 

The Shareholder Advocacy Committee at Loyola University Chicago has engaged companies through meetings/conference calls, correspondence, and through filing of shareholder resolutions. 




Chevron Corporation Hydraulic Fracturing (Marcellius Shale Region)

Shareholder Resolution (co-filer)


Edison International Impacts of Coal-Fired Power Plants (Great Lakes Region): Climate Change and Post-Closure Site Development

Shareholder Resolution (lead filer) In Dialogue

Halliburton Develop Indicators for a Human Rights Policy

Shareholder Resolution (co-filer)

Ingredion, Inc. Basic Water Rights & Sustainability

Shareholder Resolution (co-filer)

In Dialogue

JPMorgan Chase Mountain-top Removal Coal Mining - Financing (Appalachia)

Shareholder Resolution (lead filer)

In Dialogue; observation

OM Group, Inc. Develop Indicators for a Human Rights Policy

Shareholder Resolution (co-filer)

 (Updated as of  12/06/2012)


SAC's Advocacy Portfolio

  • Chevron Corporation
  • Ingredion (formerly known as Corn Products, Inc.as of September 2011)
  • Edison International (as of October 2011)
  • Halliburton
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Monsanto Company (as of February 2010)
  • OM Group (as of August 2008)
  • Peabody Energy (as of October 2011)

(Updated as of  12/06/12)