Loyola University Chicago

Shareholder Advocacy Committee

Agenda: 2011-2012

In 2011-2012, the Shareholder Advocacy Committee made important progress by improving communication collaboration with the Loyola University Chicago community, notably our students, and with advocacy groups and universities and colleges nationwide.  We accomplished a great deal that positions us well for the future.  The Committee understands the challenges that confront our SRI work, and we look to 2012-2013 as a year of continued commitment and evaluation. 

We believe that socially responsible investing is attuned to the Jesuit values and the University’s mission; it makes evident to the students and University community the fundamental importance of one’s decisions and actions and its impact on society. 

To that end, we developed a number of initiatives and strategies to strengthen our Committee structure and better communication collaboration – not only with our constituents and University administration, but also with our companies.  We are confident that our SRI endeavors, executed in pursuit of reflecting of our Board’s of Trustees commitment for the University’s investment to balance “effective support of its academic programs and broader educational and social mission with the promotion of social justice and the dignity of the individual” will significantly contribute to Loyola’s promise of “preparing people to lead extraordinary lives.”


In 2012-2013, the Shareholder Advocacy Committee will continue to evaluate its initiatives and processes.  Additionally, the Committee agreed it would continue to review and develop its three-to- five year strategic plan, as well as its commitment to the following initiatives:

  • Labor Relations/Human Rights: Adopt and Develop a Human Rights Policy
  • Human Rights: Human Trafficking and Child Labor;
  • Environmental Concerns/Human Rights: Basic Food and Water Rights and Sustainability
  • Environmental Concerns: Coal Life Cycle: Extraction (mountaintop removal coal mining); Combustion (coal-fired power plants in Great Lakes region, and Climate Change); Transport (export to China from northwest)
  • Sustainability: Can GMOs co-exist with Traditional Farming? Treatment of Farmers