Loyola University Chicago

Shareholder Advocacy Committee

Outreach to LUC

The Shareholder Advocacy Committee is dedicated in serving as the University’s representative and resource on socially responsible investing issues and initiatives, and endeavors for its activities to reflect the concerns and voices of Loyola’s students, faculty, and staff.  The SAC employs four primary vehicles to interact with the LUC community:

Equitable Representation.  To ensure equitable representation of the University’s constituencies, the SAC comprises two undergraduate students nominated by the Unified Student Government Association (USGA); one graduate student nominated by the Dean of the Graduate School; three faculty, one of whom should be tenured, nominated by Faculty Council; and three staff members nominated by Staff Council.  

The SAC website.  The site was created to provide the Loyola community with information about the Shareholder Advocacy Committee and its mission and activities.  The SAC website also encourages members of the LUC community to submit their comments, concerns, and well-researched and focused proposals  on specific issues related to the Committee’s work.  It does not address the day-to-day business affairs and operations of Loyola University Chicago. Final decisions on the investment of the University’s endowment securities lie with the Investment Office.  

LUC Input. To help guide the Committee's activities, the SAC welcomes comments and well-researched and focused proposals from the LUC community regarding specific SRI concerns through the CONTACT US page; the SAC will review the issues presented at its regularly scheduled meetings and will provide response.  The SAC also encourages LUC students, faculty, and staff to participate in the Committee's endeavors by contacting one of its members.  The LUC community is also invited to attend SAC's regular meetings: Those interested in attending are asked to focus their comments on the issue(s) of concern, and strongly encouraged to read the Committee's Annual Report in order to better understand the work of the SAC and to learn how issues of concern were addressed.  Additionally, any member of the LUC community who wishes to attend should complete the CONTACT US page, specifying his or her University's affiliation and the specific concerns.  The SAC will respond and inform to those interested of the next scheduled meeting.      

Community Meeting on SRI.  Each year, the SAC will hold a Community Meeting, which may be in the form of a "town hall meeting," where interested LUC students, faculty, and staff who confirmed participation are invited to speak and present their views on any topic relating to the SAC's Agenda.  All LUC students, faculty, and staff who wish to speak should complete the CONTACT US page and forward available written materials to loyolasac@luc.edu: Announcements and deadlines will be posted.   The SAC's Community Meeting may also be held in the form of a roundtable or conference, and may include participation of experts and other interested persons, from within and outside of Loyola University Chicago.