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Shareholder Advocacy Committee

Jesuit SRI Mission & History

Overview and Mission

"To advocate for and effect changes in unjust corporate decisions and values which hinder the reconciliation of the world to God"
(GC 34, Our Mission and Justice)

The primary purpose of the National Jesuit Committee on Investment Responsibility (NJCIR) is to advocate for and effect change in corporate behavior by coordinating shareholder advocacy initiatives at both the province and national levels. NJCIR province representatives collaborate to identify economic justice priorities and to work together to promote corporate social responsibility consistent with just sustainability in the community, the environment, and the economy.

The NJCIR works to expand awareness of socially responsible investment in Jesuit-related institutions; to organize and incorporate the resources of as many provinces as possible and to involve Jesuits in broad collaborative efforts with other members of the faith community committed to socially responsible investment.

Socially responsible investment (SRI) is, for Jesuits, the work of structural justice. It involves using the investment portfolios of the ten U.S. Jesuit provinces as well as the province of Upper Canada to influence corporate policy decisions that determine corporate operation in this country, and throughout the world. Jesuits also have the opportunity to make investments in places where traditional investment moneys do not flow, such as in community development loan funds which help develop the human capital, economic infrastructure and affordable housing stock in underserved, undercapitalized areas.

 U.S. Jesuits and Socially Responsible Investment

The Society of Jesus in the United States is actively involved today in Socially Responsible investing (SRI) initiating shareholder resolutions and choosing investment opportunities on the basis of the potential to “do good while doing well.” to read more... 


(source: Jesuit Conference of the United States)