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Campus Safety

February 16, 2012

Crime Alert: CTA Red Line Safety Alert

Loyola Community,

Campus Safety is writing to advise you of a few incidents that have been brought to our attention that have occurred recently on the CTA Red Line.

On Monday, February 13, two female Loyola students were victims of a battery at the Loyola Red Line station. The students were getting on the train when they had an encounter with a man who then struck both of the students resulting in minor injuries. Through a collaborative investigation with officers from the Chicago Police Department (CPD), an offender was identified, located, arrested, and charged.

Campus Safety was also made aware of another incident that occurred on Tuesday, January 31, on a CTA Red Line train at the Morse station. A female Loyola student was approached by an unknown male who inappropriately exposed and grabbed himself before demanding the woman’s cell phone and money. The woman was able to retain her possessions and reported the incident to the CPD.

We at Campus Safety are aware of the large number of our students, faculty, and staff that utilize public transportation to get to and from campus every day. Due to this recent criminal activity, we wanted to take this time to remind you about simple ways to stay safe while using public transportation.

Safety Tips:

Thank you for your time. Make sure to immediately report any incidents to the CPD and/or Campus Safety.


Robert Fine

Director, Department of Campus Safety