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Our Students

  • Kelly Cahalin, BS '15

    "Catholic education, especially the Jesuit education, teaches you how to be not just your own person but a person for others."
  • Gabriel Malavolti, JD '14

    "I view being an attorney as not just filling out forms or arguing before a court but really making someone's life whole again."
  • Paulette Saldana, BA '15

    “It felt great knowing that someone out there who doesn’t know me believes in my ability and my capacity to succeed.”
  • Tyler Hough, BA '15

    “I really do matter as a student, and my voice is important.”
  • Meredith Onion (MSIR ’87, MDiv ’13)

    “I truly would not have been able to finish this program were it not for the scholarship support.”
  • Addy Menayeng, BA '14

    "When I was applying to several universities in the United States, I was thinking, How am I going to pay for this?"
  • Janelle Hatch, MBA '12

    "Loyola is responsible for my future and what I will become."
  • Rachel Davies, BSED '12

    "I've tried really hard to make this work, and in turn I feel like Loyola has worked really hard for me."
  • Eunice Brobby, BS '14

    "I want to know more about kids, how they develop, and what they are thinking."
  • Wendolyn Gomez, BS ’12

    "I remember that day so perfectly, the day that I got the phone call and they told me they were going to pay for my room and board."
  • Devon Langston, BA ’12

    “My grandparents…are very proud that other people are recognizing the gift that they see in me."
  • Ray McPartlin, BA '12

    "Having kids was a motivator for me to go back to school."
  • Ira Stevanovic, MSW '10

    My passion for social justice...I got that from growing up in Serbia and living through war and bombing.
  • Bryan Quach, BS ’12

    "Without this scholarship, I don't think I would have the finances to be able to do research and attend Loyola."