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Second Year Initiatives Programming

Relationships Workshop
February 12th, 7pm-8pm
LSB 312

Networking Workshop
February 12th, 7:00pm
LSB 312

Sophomore Retreat
Sophomore Retreat
March 22-24; April 12-14
Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC)
Calling all sophomores! After almost two full years as a Rambler, you deserve a weekend to unwind. This retreat at LUREC allows sophomore students to come together in the hopes of gaining a deeper personal understanding. Sophomore participants will experience team building through challenge course activities, individual/group reflections, and meaningful conversations. Professional staff and student leaders will facilitate these discussions as well as participate with students in all activities. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Campus Partners' Programs

Social Media: Building your Brand with LinkedIN

March 11th; 4:00-5:30 Kasbeer Hall

Come out to Kasbeer Hall for a chance to hear why you should be using LinkedIN and other social media to your benefit when it come to building professiobnal relationships in the future. The event will be led by guest speaker, Matt Kerr, Director, Executive Search & Talent with Grant Alexander, a BPI group company dedicated to helping clients find exceptional candidates who can contribute in meaningful ways to their businesses. Find out why social media is imporant for building any kind of professional career




Links to Partner Sites

Residence Life

The Department of Residence Life enhances the campus experience by creating transformative environments. They provide safe, secure residence halls and inclusive communities where students, staff, and faculty integrate key academic, social, spiritual, and recreational experiences. Their commitment is to ignite individual passions and social responsiblity in partnership with their residents.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry seeks to develop students who: nurture and celebrate their faith, build a hospitable community, listen for and live out their callings, be of service and work for justice, and provide leadership for church and society.

Center for Community Service and Action

The Center for Community and Action is a great place to buld relationships within Loyola and in our larger community. This link will lead students to a resource page where they can discover service  opportunities where they can find new and lasting relationships with a variety of campus partners

Additional Resources

Find a Mentor

This website gives somes excellent tips on how to find and connect with a mentor. It also contains a list of some misconceptions students often have regarding the mentorship process.


Here you will learn that the process of finding a mentor is less intimidating than you may think!


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