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Life After Loyola – Full-Time Volunteer Service as a Next Step

     Life After Loyola – Full-Time Volunteer Service as a Next Step
     Wednesday, February 11
     Damen 232

Join this conversation hosted by Community Service and Action about Life After Loyola. We’ll ask how we can each be of service after we leave this place. In particular, we’ll talk about the option of full-time service in programs like the Jesuit Volunteer Corps or AmeriCorps.

What is Post Graduate Volunteer Service?

All of us are called to serve our community throughout our lives. For some of us, committing to a full year or two of service after college is a great way to practice that commitment. Ever heard of Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC)? Peace Corps? AmeriCorps? Those -- and many more -- are all post-graduate volunteer programs.

Post-graduate volunteer programs offer people the opportunity to commit an extended period of time to serving communities in need. From a few months to 2 years, you can volunteer your talents full time! These programs help you give to your community, but they also help you build skills, explore a possible career, gain experience, and deepen your faith.

Discerning Your Options

Thinking of ways that service can be part of your life after you graduate? You’ve got options! Feel free to contact Community Service and Action for a conversation about the many ways you can serve. We have great resources to aid your search. Plus, all of our staff have done full-time service and are glad to share our own stories. 

Where Do I Start?

Begin your discernment of post-graduate volunteer opportunities by thinking about the following questions:

What Programs Exist?

Post-grad volunteer programs abound! And many Loyola alumni/a can share with you their very positive experiences with various volunteer programs. There are a few resources to help you explore post-grad volunteer programs:

Congratulations Class of 2014!

Congratulations to all the 2014 Graduates taking part in post-graduate volunteer service. Here are just 27 of the nearly 50 graduates who will begin a service program this fall.

Front L-R: Courtney Smith, Adrianna Sakolari, Caitlin Shehane, Hannah Colbourn, Bre Barak, Molly O’Brien, Elise Navarro, Annie Theby, Hillary Chang
Middle L-R: Maureen Burns, Anna Rathje, Kelsey Wendland, Hani Mohamed, Reana Thomas, Katie O’Neill, Marcus Wright, Edgar Cruz, Rachel Ourada
Back L-R: Brian Cerabona, Amy Jurczak, Steven Patzke, Erin O’Neill, Stephanie Morrow, Will Haben, Gerald Guevarra, Nic Herrmann, Chi Uchendu

Check out our CSA Facebook page for a full photo-album from the May 2014 Post-Graduate Volunteer Send-off!

Other Ways to Serve After You Graduate

Heading off to a full-time job or grad school after you graduate?  You can still serve! If you will still be in the Chicagoland area, check out CSA Facebook postings for service opportunities, or check out Take Action.


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