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Starting Fall 2011 CMUN becomes COMM:

Starting Fall 2011 courses offered by the School of Communication will be converted to a new prefix, courses for all programs have been renumbered and some courses renamed. You can look for the course under it's old name and number, for example: CMUN 271 Reporting & Writing becomes COMM 205 Reporting & Writing Across Platforms. COMM Number Conversion Chart 4-24-12.xls 




          Communication Studies; Film & Media Studies; Journalism


School of Communication Requirements

All School of Communication students are required to complete a language competency requirement and two writing-intensive courses. These courses must be completed with a C- or better.


   Writing Intensive Classes:

Students should expect that virtually all of their courses will include a writing component. In addition, the college requirement for writing intensive courses is a means of strengthening the writing of all students throughout their years at Loyola.

In order to graduate with a degree from the School of Communication, students ordinarily must complete three writing courses. These include:

  • UCWR 110 (3 credit hours) (Core Curriculum requirement)

  • Two writing-intensive sections

Writing-intensive sections are designated sections of courses that are taught with a special emphasis on writing. They are identified by a "W" in the section number. Students in these course sections will have a variety of writing assignments that will be integrated closely with the learning objectives of the course. Often, students will be able to complete a writing-intensive course within their chosen major(s) and minor(s). The purpose of the program is to assure that students continue to give attention to writing as an essential component of education throughout their years at Loyola. Note: UCWR 110 must be taken in the freshman year and must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better before any writing-intensive course may be taken.

In order to ensure that training in writing is spread throughout the undergraduate years, the program specifies that no more than one writing-intensive course per semester may be applied to this requirement. Students must earn a C- or better in each writing intensive course in order for the requirement to be satisfied.

Transfer students who have taken and passed (with a C- or higher) both semesters of a two-semester requirement in college composition at their previous institutions or who have taken a composition course that is equivalent to UCWR 110 are not required to take UCWR 110 at Loyola. Transfer students with 59 or fewer transfer credit hours (completed prior to matriculation) must take two writing-intensive courses during their undergraduate career at Loyola; transfer students with 60-89 transfer credit hours must take one writing-intensive course during their undergraduate career at Loyola; transfer students with 90 or more transfer credit hours are exempt from taking writing-intensive courses. For further information, transfer students should consult their academic advisor.



Competency in reading, writing, and speaking at the 102-level or higher in a language other than English is required for all SOC students. Students may complete this requirement in one of two ways:

Earn college credit with a C- or better at the 102-level or above in a language (other than English) at Loyola (or the equivalent in transfer credit from another college, or by an appropriate score on an Advanced Placement examination) (At Loyola, students may study any language offered through the Modern Languages department or study Latin (LATN) or Ancient Greek (GREK) offered through the Classical Studies department.); or

Demonstrate competency by passing a CAS 102-level language competency examination.

Students are permitted to take only one competency exam, and the exam may only be taken once. Multi-lingual students who wish to take a competency exam should request to take a language competency exam in the language they know best. 

Beginning-Level Language Competency Exams (to satisfy 102-level language requirement):

The School of Communication currently offers the following beginning-level language competency exams (please note that this list is subject to changes/availability):

Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Greek (Modern)




Scheduling a Comptency Exam through the SOC Dean's Office: To schedule an appointment to take a language competency exam in: Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, or Spanish, please call or stop by the SOC Dean’s office at 51 E.  Pearson, 201 on Water Tower Campus (312-915-6548). For instructions on scheduling an appointment to take a language competency exam in any other language (listed in the table above), please send an e-mail request (specifying the language test requested) to Assistant Dean Shawna Cooper-Gibson,

 Note: Competency test results may take up to six weeks to return. In order for students to plan their course work accordingly, students who wish to take a language competency exam (that is offered at Loyola) are strongly encouraged to schedule the exam as soon as possible upon entry to the School of Communication and no later than the end of their junior year.


For an application and other information about beging admitted to Loyola University Chicago's School of Communiction , please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

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