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Master of Science: Global Strategic Communication

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The master’s program in Global Strategic Communication is a professionally focused, non‑thesis, two-year program culminating in a Master of Science degree (MS). It is designed for communication professionals or recent graduates who want to gain a competitive professional edge by enhancing their digital fluency, honing their writing and analytical skills, increasing their business literacy and leadership abilities, and developing a global perspective. The program is expected to be especially useful for communicators who want to move into leadership positions or to build or advance their careers on the global stage. Watch some of our students and faculty discuss the program and how it can enhance your communication career.

Why Strategic Communication?

Communication professionals increasingly work across, rather than in, the traditional silos of public relations, advertising, and digital and social media—a trend likely to grow in strength and importance in the future. Strategic communication synthesizes digital and social media, public relations and advertising to communicate the best messages through the most effective channels to the right audiences to meet communication objectives tied to organizational goals. Strategic communication can thus be a potent tool for change: connecting, educating, motivating and advocating.

Why Global?

As more corporations become multinational, and as issues become worldwide in focus, communication professionals work in an increasingly interconnected world. Communicators need to know how to navigate this environment by understanding the range of stakeholders and creating culturally relevant and sensitive messages and campaigns to engage them. The program offers two-week international study and immersion opportunities in London and Beijing as well as multicultural and multinational cases and perspectives integrated throughout the curriculum. Developing an appreciation of the importance of globalization, entrepreneurship, ethics and technology in today’s business environment is at the heart of the program. The program also emphasizes strategic planning, effective use of digital channels and measurement as drivers of future success.

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