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Meghan Dougherty, Ph.D.

Title/s: Assistant Professor Digital Communication

Specialty Area: Web cultural heritage, web preservation, web archaeology, ethics in archiving, knowledge production

Office #: School of Communication 223D

Phone: 312.915.8834

E-mail: mdougherty@luc.edu

CV Link: MDCVfeb2014

External Webpage: http://archivefilter.net/


Meghan Dougherty joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in Digital Communication in 2010. In 2011 she was named the program director for the new SOC master's program: Digital Media and Storytelling. Her research focuses on the stewardship of web cultural heritage, and methods for retrospective study of web culture. She teaches courses in digital research methods, digital culture, communication technology, and communication theory.

Before joining the faculty at Loyola, Dr. Dougherty was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Virtual Knowledge Studio where she studied research methods for web historiography, and  a researcher for Webarchivist.org where she participated in a number of projects including the September 11 Web Archive, the Election 2002 Web Archive, and the Web Campaigning Digital Supplement. Her contributions with the team include designing and building web-based exhibits from web archives; conceptualizing, testing, and documenting Webarchivist research software; supporting data collection and analysis; and training researchers in methods and software. She built Wayfinder, a personalizable research interface for web archives, as an addition to the Webarchivist suite of research tools. She continues to work with Webarchivist to explore archival practices for the web.

In addition to her research positions, Dougherty previously taught graduate courses in information ethics, information theory and information technology at SUNYIT’s Information Design and Technology program.

Dougherty is a visiting scholar at Århus University in Denmark this spring (April, May, and June) of 2014. Her research project – Virtual Digs: Excavating, Preserving, and Archiving the Web – will be hosted by NetLab under the national Danish Digital Humanities Lab. You can learn more about the project here.

For the most part, she will be collecting data for an upcoming book on Web history and Web archaeological methods. She'll also be working with other Internet researchers to rethink research methods for Internet studies, and scouring archives, visiting libraries, and talking with Web archivists in Demark and around Europe and Great Britain.  

While in Denmark, Dougherty will be giving a talk at the Centre for Internet Research at Århus University’s Department of Aesthetics and Communication. Information for this CFI Seminar can be found here.


Ph.D. Communication 2007, University of Washington
Archiving the Web: Collection, documentation, display and shifting knowledge production paradigms

M.A. Broadcasting, Telecommunication and Mass Media 2001, Temple University
The Software Patent Policy Debate in the US: Analysis of rhetoric and its effect on policy-making

B.S. Culture and Communication, New York University

Research Interests

methods for stewardship of web cultural heritage,  preservation and interpretation of web history and culture, web archiving as emerging ‌cyberinfrastructure for e-research, evolution of archival practices, ethics of archival research methods, web archaeology as a method for retrospective study of web cutlure.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Communication, Communication and New Media, Naturalistic Research Methods,  Remix Culture, Digital Ethnography, Technology & The City, Introduction to Digital Media (graduate)



Foot, K.A., Schneider, S.M., Xenos, M.A., & Dougherty, M. (2009). The influence of political-structural factors on candidates' Web practices in the 2002 U.S. House, Senate and gubernatorial elections. Journal of Political Marketing 8(2), 147-167.

Foot, K.A. , Schneider, S.M., Dougherty, M., Xenos, M.A, & Larsen, E. (2003). Analyzing linking practices: Candidate sites in the 2002 US electoral Web sphere. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication 8(4), Available: http://jcmc.indiana.edu/vol8/issue4/foot.html.


Dougherty, M. & Schneider, S.M. (2011). Web Historiography and the Emergence of New Archival Forms. In D. Park, N. Jankowski and S. Jones (Eds.). The Long History of New Media: Technology, Historiography, and Contextualizing Newness (pp. 253-266). New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Dougherty, M., & Koot, K.A. (2007). The Internet and Elections Project Research Design. In K.A. Foot, S.M. Schneider, R. Kluver, and N. Jankowski (Eds.). Internet and Elections (pp.16-26). Routledge, NY.

Foot, K.A., Schneider, S.M., & Dougherty, M. (2007). Online structure for political action in the 2004 U.S. congressional electoral Web sphere.  In K.A. Foot, S.M. Schneider, R. Kluver, and N. Jankowski (Eds.). Internet and Elections (pp.92-104).  Routledge, NY.

Schneider, S.M., Foot, K.A, & Dougherty, M. (2006). Web Campaigning Digital Supplement. In K.A. Foot & S.M. Schneider. Web Campaigning Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Available at mitpress.mit.edu/webcampaigning.


Dougherty, M., Meyer, E.T., Madsen, C. van den Heuvel, C. Thomas, A. & Wyatt, S. (2010) Researcher Engagement with Web Archives: State of the Art. (Joint Information Science Committee Digital Preservation and Curation Report). London: JISC Repository. Online: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1714997 and http://ie-repository.jisc.ac.uk/544/

[First of two publications reporting findings from research funded by the Joint Information Science Committee, Digital Preservation & Records Management Programme. ] 

Thomas, A., Meyer, E.T., Dougherty, M., Madsen, C. van den Heuvel, C. & Wyatt, S. (2010) Researcher Engagement with Web Archives: Challenges and Opportunities for Investment. (Joint Information Science Committee Digital Preservation and Curation Report). London: JISC Repository. Online: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1715000 and http://ierepository.jisc.ac.uk/543/

[Second of two publications reporting findings from research funded by the Joint Information Science Committee, Digital Preservation & Records Management Programme.] 


Dougherty, M. (2007). Wayfinder [Computer software]. Seattle, Washington: Webarchivist.org. http://wayfinder.webarchivist.org/

[Web-based interface for socially reading, curating, and annotating web archival objects. Designed and built as part of doctoral dissertation project.]

SELECT REFEREED Conference Presentations

Dougherty, M. (October 2012). Ask A Curator: Surveying an imagined community on Twitter. Paper presented at the Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference, Salford, UK.

Dougherty, M. (October 2011). The September 11 Web Archive As Collaboratory. Paper presented at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference, Seattle, WA.

Dougherty, M., Foot, K.A., & Schneider, S.M. (February 2010). Ethics in Web Archiving. Paper presented at the Computer Supported Cooperative Work  pre-conference Revisiting Research Ethics in the Facebook Era: Challenges in Emerging  CSCW Research, Savannah, GA.

Dougherty, M., S.M. Schneider, & Jones, J. (May 2009). 911@10: Collaboration across fields to challenge formats for new media history. Paper presented at the International Communication Association pre-conference Future is Prologue: New Medias, New Histories? Chicago, IL.

Dougherty, M. & van den Heuvel, C. (April 2009). Historical infrastructures for web archiving: Annotation of ephemeral collections for research and cultural heritage. Paper presented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6th Media in Transition conference, Cambridge, MA.

Dougherty, M. (September 2008). Virtual digs: Methodological obstacles for preserving Web artifacts. Presentation at the Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference, Developments on the Web: Challenges in the Emerging Field of Web History Roundtable. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dougherty, M. (September 2006). Wayfinder: A tool for tagging the ethnography to equalize sense-making opportunities. Poster presented at the KNAW-Virtual Knowledge Studio, Virtual Ethnography in Contemporary  Social Science Workshop, Amsterdam, NL.

Dougherty, M. (May 2007). Wayfinder: Building and interface for a Web archive. Paper presented at the International Web Archiving Workshop, Vancouver, BC.

Dougherty, M. (June 2007). Preservation in the digital visual resources collection. Paper presented at the Visual Resources Association annual conference, Kansas City, MO.


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