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School of Communication

Transfer Students

Curricula for transfer students: All transfer students must complete a minimum of 70% of all communication courses at Loyola University Chicago. This typically translates into the possibility of four courses permitted for a major at the discretion of the School of Communication. Please consult with the Assistant Dean of the School of Communication with any questions.

Transfer students should note that accepting courses for credit from other institutions is done at the discretion of the School of Communication. Curricular changes do occur within the School of Communication. However, transfer credit is articulated at the time of a student's matriculation to Loyola University Chicago with what curricular policies were in place at that time. The School of Communication reserves the right to not re-articulate transfer credit once a student has matriculated.

Students who intend to transfer to Loyola are strongly urged to visit or call the School of Communication for assistance in planning their college work at Loyola University.

For questions contact:

Dr. Cooper-Gibson
Assistant Dean of the School of Communication
Phone: 312.915.6548

For more information on transferring to Loyola University Chicago, please visit here.


School of Communication · 820 N. Michigan Ave
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