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School of Social Work

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Terry Northcut, PhD

Title/s: Associate Professor

Office #: Lewis Towers 1225

Phone: 312.915.7034

E-mail: tnorthc@luc.edu


Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work, Smith College
MSW in Social Work, University of Tennessee
BA in Psychology and Sociology, Union University

Dr. Terry B. Northcut, Associate Professor, teaches in the Human Behavior in the Social Environment and Methods Sequences. Her publications and scholarly interests include the integration of psychodynamic theory and cognitive-behavioral techniques, religion spirituality and clinical social work, teaching methodology, and the influence of postmodernism on social work practice. Dr. Northcut co-edited with Dr. Nina Heller the text, "Enhancing Psychodynamic practice with cognitive-behavioral techniques." She has taught at Smith College, University of Southern California, University of Tennessee, and Belmont College. Dr. Northcut received the Child Humans Rights Fellowship Award from Loyola in 2011-2012 to continue research in Ethiopia on psychosocial and mental health needs of families in children.

Program Areas

Courses Currently Teaching/Teaching Areas: 
HBSE 500: Theories and Lifecycle – Masters students – 2 sections, 90 students with a TA
Practice 618: Religion and Spirituality in Clinical Social Work Practice (spring)

Research Interests

Current Research Projects:
Chapter on Personality Disorders for Alex Gitterman and Nina Heller’s book on a social work perspective on mental disorders.
Developing Prospectus on “Navigating Clinical Landscapes: Integrative Casebook”

Professional Interests: 
Integrating psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories and techniques;
Professional developmental of clinical social workers
Religion and spirituality in clinical social work

Professional & Community Affiliations

Community and Professional Service:
Presentation 10 hours:  Texas Clinical Social Work Society September 2009
Presentation 2 hours:  Council on Social Work Education November 2009

Selected Publications

Recent Faculty Scholarship:

Northcut, T. B. (deadline, 1/2016).  Mindfulness in Clinical Social Work Practice.  New York:  Springer Publishing

Northcut, T. B. (deadline, 9/2015).  Bridging Psychodynamic Theory and Cognitive Behavioral Practice.  Chicago:  Lyceum Books.

Northcut, T., Heller, N. & Kumaria, S. (2015).  Integrating psychodynamic theory and practice with cognitive-behavioral interventions.  J. Berzoff, L. Flanagan, P. Hertz, eds. Inside out and Outside In, 4th edition.  MD:  Rowman and Littlefield.

Northcut, T. & Kienow, A. (September, 2014).  Trauma trifecta of Military Sexual Trauma: A case study including mind and body in clinical social work treatment with a survivor of MST.  Special Issue: Mind, Body, and Spirit, Guest Eds.  T. Northcut & R. Strauss, Special Issue:  Integrating Mind and Body in Clinical Social Work.  Clinical Social Work Journal.42(3), 247-259.

Northcut, T. & Heller, N. (2014).  Depression: Integration of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral practices.  In K. Corcoran & A. Roberts (ed.) Social Workers’ Desk Reference, 3rd edition.  New York: Oxford University

Northcut, T. & Hailu, D. (accepted due for publication 2015).  Social Work Practice in Ethiopia:  Emerging Issues and Practices.  Anupam Hazra (Ed.).  Social Work Education and Practice in the 21st Century:  Emerging Issues and Challenges.  Social Work Chronicle.

Strauss, R. & Northcut, T. (2014).  Mindful social warriors: Using yoga to enhance clinical social work with young women with cancer.  Guest Eds.  T. Northcut & R. Strauss, Special Issue:  Integrating Mind and Body in Clinical Social Work.  Clinical Social Work Journal. 42(3), 228-236.

Hailu, D. & Northcut, T. (2013).  Ethiopia's social protection landscape:  It's surface and underlying structures.  International Social Work Journal, 56(6)

Northcut, T. B. & Strauss, R. (September 2013). Guest editors of Special Issue of Clinical Social Work Journal “Integrating mind/body in clinical social work”.

Berg, K., & Northcut, T. (accepted). Conducting Research on the Use of Ritual in Group Work with African-American Women: Examining Results from a White European-American Investigator’s Perspective. Smith College Studies.

Northcut, T. & Hailu, D. (accepted due for publication 2013). Social Work Practice in Ethiopia: Emerging Issues and Practices. Anupam Hazra (Ed.). Social Work Education and Practice in the 21st Century: Emerging Issues and Challenges. Social Work Chronicle.

Northcut, T. (accepted, 2012). Psychoanalysis. Gannett Educational Systems.

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Strauss, R. & Northcut, T. (accepted 2012). Mindful social warriors: Using yoga to enhance clinical social work with young women with cancer. Clinical Social Work Journal.

Hailu, D. & Northcut, T. (in press). Ethiopia's social protection landscape: It's surface and underlying structures. International Social Work Journal

Heller, N. R. & Northcut, T. B. (2011). Integrating cognitive-behavioral techniques into psychodynamic practice. In J. Berzoff, & P. Hertz (eds.) Inside out and outside in: Psychodynamic clinical theory and practice in contemporary multicultural contexts. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson.

Northcut, T. B. (2011). Personality disorders. In A. Gitterman & N. R. Heller (eds.) Mental Health and Social Problems: A Social Work Perspective

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