Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Faculty & Staff

Darrell P. Wheeler, PhD, M.P.H.

Title/s: Dean

Office #: Lewis Towers 1208

Phone: 312.915.7024

E-mail: dwheeler@luc.edu

CV Link: DPW CV 2011


1992 Ph.D. in Social Work, The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

1990 M.P.H. in Health Administration, The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

1988 M.S.W. in Health/Mental Health, Howard University, Washington, DC

1981 B.A. in Sociology, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA

Research Interests

Overall research agenda and publications focus on the identification and exploration of individual and communal resiliency in HIV prevention and intervention, with particular emphasis on African American and Black gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

Selected Publications

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Wheeler, D.P. (2011). National Health Line: Advancing HIV/AIDS Domestic Agenda: Social worker and Community health workers unite. Health and Social Work, 36(2), 157-158.

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

Wheeler, D.P. (2005). Practice issues in HIV/AIDS services: Empowerment-based models and program applications, Ronald J. Mancoske and James Donald Smith. Smith College Studies in Social Work 75(4), 124-126.

Wheeler, D.P. (1997). Multicultural counseling with teenage fathers: A practical guide, Mark S. Kiselica. Journal of Multicultural Social Work, 6(3/4), 167-170.

Newsletters, Monographs, and Proceedings

Wheeler, D.P., Gaboda, D. & Koubiadis, R. (2007).  REVISION of the current NASW health care policy statement. NASW Delegate Assembly.

Wheeler, D.P. (2004).  What are Black men’s HIV prevention needs? Fact sheet for the University of California-San Francisco’s Center for AIDS Prevention Studies.

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