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SOWK 301 gives the SSW major their introduction to client contact in an agency setting. The student will have the responsibility to locate and contract for their work as a volunteer within an agency that gives them the opportunity to observe and possibly participate in social work activity.

The student will participate in their volunteer experience three (3) hours per week for a total of thirty hours for the semester. Forms to arrange for the contract to provide volunteer experience as well as the final experience evaluation can be found under Internship Forms.

While the student is responsible for arranging for their own experience, the classroom instructor may assist the student's search for appropriate settings. Most students will take SOWK 301 in the Spring semester and this allows them the preceding Winter break to explore possible volunteer sites and make the necessary arrangements. Many agencies will require their volunteers to undergo background checks and/or training prior to placement. Early application, therefore, is very important. Remember that the placement must be arranged and the contract form returned to the instructor by the third class meeting.


SOWK 330 (240 hours experience - 4 credit hours) is the BSW student's first formal fieldwork experience taken in the senior year. An application form found on Internship Forms is the first step in this important process. The student will share their background, experiences and areas of interest; however, the placement itself may not necessarily be located in the student's area of interest. Internships are not only in the field of social work, but other areas of social service which may make the placement process a highly competitive endeavor as students from different programs and schools compete for space in the same agencies.

Information about the internship placement process, requirements and applications deadlines are noted in BSW internship placement application.


SOWK 340 (240 hours experience - 4 credit hours) is the second half of the BSW fieldwork experience. This experience is usually a continuation of the SOWK 330 placement, but occasionally circumstances require a placement in a different setting. If such a situation arises, the student will work closely with the internship coordinator to secure a placement.


SOWK 350 (3 credit hours)is always taken in conjunction with the SOWK 340. While SOWK 330 forms the foundation for discussion and assignments in the SOWK 302 Social Work Methods II course, students will bring their experiences in the second semester of field to the SOWK 350 semester.


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