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Migration Studies Sub Specialization

Migration Studies Sub-Specialization Program

Application for the sub-specialization program is required.  Migration courses are taken in conjunction with specialization requirements.  Students must complete the requirements of a main specialization i.e. Health, Schools, LDSS, Child and Family, or Mental Health. This program is compatible with all of the aforementioned specializations.

Students interested in this sub-specialization must complete the application and submit it to Professor Maria Vidal de Haymes (mvidal@luc.edu).  Please visit the following link to obtain the application for the migration studies sub-specialization (Migration Studies Sub-specialization Application).

REQUIRED COURSES:   Three courses are required and can be taken during any year of study: SOWK 731, SOWK 732 and SOWK 730 or SOWK 733.



Students pursuing mental health or child and family specializations do not have to take 610H or 610F.  SOWK 730 or SOWK 733 substitute for the required policy courses for these tracks. However, students must complete all 3 courses for the sub-specialization in order to receive credit for specialization’s required policy course; students who drop the sub-specialization are required to take 610F if they are child and family or 610H if they are mental health. Students pursuing health, schools, or LDSS have to take all required specialization courses and sub-specialization courses. However, students who are LDSS will have both policy electives and their clinical/methods course requirement upon completion of this sub-specialization (730/733 & 732=policy courses; 731=method/clinical course).

Study abroad field placement (optional): 

The study abroad program in Mexico (classes and field) compliments this sub-specialization but is not required.  For information and application forms see: http://www.luc.edu/socialwork/academics/studyabroad/SA.Mexico.shtml


The Mexico internship can be used as a 1st or 2nd year placement (except for students pursuing a schools specialization; a school’s internship must be taken in the U.S.) Interested students will need to complete the application materials and be interviewed by Dr. Maria Vidal de Haymes.  Information and application materials can be retrieved from: http://www.luc.edu/socialwork/academics/studyabroad/SA.Mexico.shtml.


A minimum of conversational Spanish is required.   Hilary Gilway manages all fieldwork placements therefore all field work applications should be directed to her (hgilway@luc.edu); however, in addition to this, students who want to pursue a field placement in Mexico will also meet for an in-person interview with Dr. Vidal de Haymes. 


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