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Fieldwork Application Procedures


Students must evaluate their program coursework and identify when they will be applying for fieldwork placements during their graduate program. Fieldwork placements occur in the Fall, Spring (January) and Summer block timeframes. Students must submit an application to the appropriate internship coordinator prior to the stated FIELDWORK DEADLINES depending on the timeframe selected to do their fieldwork.

Applying for a placement is a competitive process. Students initiate the internship placement process by submitting an application. All application are on the School of Social Work forms webpage. Once a student's application is received by the internship coordinator, the placement process begins. The internship coordinator schedules a meeting with the student to discuss internship time frames, requirements and the internship placement process. Similar to a job interview, all students must interview for internship placements. The students' application are reviewed by the internship coordinator and the student is given internship referrals to contact specific agencies with a resume and cover letter to apply to be considered for an internship opening. Agencies often screen students for interviews and by reviewing application materials including a resume, cover letter, etc. Students are not guaranteed specific placements since  the internship placement process is competitive. Students often compete with fellow students as well as students from other schools.

All fieldwork placements and sites must be approved by the internship coordinator. All potential agencies must be screened by the internship coordinator even if students initiate contact with a potential agency. If students are interested in specific agencies, they should communicate this to the internship coordinator and include this information in a field work application.

The student's availability for the interviewing process can impact and often delay the placement process. It is important that students communicate with the internship coordinator and provide their dates of return to the Chicago area, whether they are out of the area due to study abroad, vacation or home visits. Students are also responsible for communicating with the internship coordinators regarding the status of the placement process. Communication will keep the internship coordinator informed of whether additional referrals are necessary.


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