Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

New Student Orientation

Congratulations on your admissions to Loyola School of Social Work's MSW Program at the Water Tower Campus!

We recommend that all newly admitted MSW students complete a New Student Orientation Session to learn more about our program and the opportunities afforded to you.

If you intend to enroll in the MSW program for the term you have been admitted, completing an orientation session is MANDATORY.

During orientation, you will receive important information that will help you acclimate to Loyola and the School of Social Work's MSW program. This includes information regarding the MSW program’s curriculum, field work, tuition, financial aid, and student resources.

Orientation sessions are held online and on-campus. Online sessions run from 12:00PM CST - 1:00PM CST, while on-campus sessions run from 10:00AM CST - 11:30AM CST.

The orientation schedule for the upcoming Summer I 2016, Summer II 2016, and Fall 2016 terms is posted below:

MSW Summer I 2016 Orientation Sessions

MSW Advanced Standing        Summer II 2016 Orientation Sessions

MSW Fall 2016 Orientation Sessions

February 24 (online)

March 24

April 11 (online)

May 11 (online)

June 1 (online)

February 29 (online)

March 30 (online)

April 25

May 16 (online)

June 6 (online)

June 23

June 28 (online)

March 15 (online)

April 7 (online)

April 19 (online)

May 23

June 16 (online)

July 7 (online)

July 12 (online)

July 21

July 25 (online)

August 9 (online)

August 18 (online)


Please register here for the session of your choice that corresponds with your program (i.e. MSW or Advanced Standing) AND start term (i.e. Summer I, Summer II or Fall).

If you have be admitted to the MSW program at Carthage, please do not sign up for any of the sessions listed above. An new student orientation session will be held for your program on campus closer to the start of academic year.

Contact Jazmyn Holley, Coordinator of MSW Admissions and Enrollment, at 312.915.7707 or jholley@luc.edu if you have any questions.