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School of Social Work

Student Testimonials

 "I felt as if the one-on-one attention from the Loyola faculty was tailored to me as an adult student working full-time. This was indispensable to my learning, and made me feel understood and appreciated as a whole person. I found the program challenging and worthwhile. I appreciated the fact that all the faculty had current clinical experience to augment their teaching of clinical theory.

"In terms of being a personal accomplishment, I had set the goal early on in my career in social work that I would get my MSW. I find it important that men play a role in providing direct service modeling compassion. Attaining my MSW means opening doors to do a wider variety of things, specifically in doing work with men and domestic violence, something I have been wanting to contribute to more substantially with a higher degree. I was able to obtain a job as coordinator of a batterers program just as I was finishing the program. This move matches my career goals."

Christopher David
Kenosha, Wisconsin

 "The Loyola MSW has been a great learning experience. Accomplishing my Master's at this time in my life is something I never expected to do. And Loyola MSW helped me accomplish this. I work for DCFS and I want to continue working with children and families. Receiving my MSW through Loyola University program, will allow me to work with people on a clinical level."

Rochelle Anderson-Moore
Kenosha, Wisconsin

 "As a member of the founding cohort of Loyola MSW at Carthage, I have not only had the privilege of learning from Loyola's professors, but from Carthage's as well. Loyola's MSW program has provided opportunities to strengthen my clinical skills in a variety of therapeutic settings to include mental health, substance abuse, and child welfare. My professors have symbolized the essence of best practice and social work values through their professionalism and care for all of those in my cohort. With the knowledge and clinical experience that I have gained from this program, I and my fellow cohorts are sure to be successful in our various endeavors."

Yolanda Golden
Rockford, Illinois

 "I have never worked harder on anything in my entire life as I did in accomplishing this degree. I have grown so much as an individual and as a social worker over the last two years. I am proud of what I have become on the professional side of things and probably even more proud of what I've become on my personal side. I found that I had an inner strength and dedication that I was not aware of before this program.

"The feeling that I have through earning my degree is unexplainable. It's almost surreal to me. I can't believe that I am going to be 24 years old with a master's degree in social work. I am proud of myself beyond words. As far as my career is concerned, since we have finished our classes, I have interviewed for, been offered, and accepted a new position within Lake County Health Department (where I had been working). I am just a little taken aback about how quickly this goal was accomplished."

Laura Young
Gurnee, Illinois

 The Loyola Master of Social Work at Carthage degree was challenging and worth every moment. I have served people with developmental disabilities for over twelve years and look forward to expanding opportunities. Throughout the program, I was able to meld my formal education, clinical training, and work experience to help empower many individuals with disabilities on a statewide level. One such opportunity is the creation of curriculum centered on the grief process and persons with cognitive limitations, which is a direct result of my education. The clinical aspect within the program is an area that will greatly enhance knowledge of treatment, offer theoretical options and techniques relative to many populations, and extend the benefit of a competent knowledge base to each and every student. Thank you, Loyola and Carthage!

Thomas Crowe
Bristol, Wisconsin