Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

CADC License Application Instructions

As you complete the CADC-Eligible Training Program by fulfilling the required 722, 723, and 724 courses, as well as the 500 hour CADC-Eligible field placement, there are two final steps that Professor Michael Lloyd, Interim Director, will assist you with. Please note that in addition to these written instructions, all 723 and 724 students will be informed of these steps in class and have access to these materials in Sakai. 

First, you must contact Professor Lloyd (mlloyd3@luc.edu) and he will verify your completion of course work and CADC-E field placement. Professor Lloyd will provide you with the IAODAPCA Advanced ATP Applicant Counselor Application, which you must complete and return directly to IAODAPCA.  Please note on page 2 of the application that you may elect to take the CADC exam prior to completing your course and field work. This is a personal choice based upon your circumstances.

The second item to fulfill CADC eligibility is for IAODAPCA to receive a formal “letter of completion” on your behalf drafted by the School of Social Work.  When you’ve passed the IAODAPCA-administered CADC exam and the “letter of completion” has been received by IAODAPCA, you fulfill the requirements for the full and permanent CADC credential.  According to our accreditation agreement, this letter cannot be sent until you have completed all courses and field placement and your final grades have been posted. Please contact Ms. Golden as soon as your grades are posted so she can verify completion and draft this letter on your behalf.

The CADC credential is not portable. If you are leaving Illinois, you must investigate the credentialing requirements in the state or country you will be moving to. You can find all the boards via the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium. 

Michael Lloyd, LSW, CADC
Interim Director, Advanced Accredited Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor Training Program
Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work
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Chicago, IL  60611
312-915-7555 (phone)
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