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Incoming BSW students will be assigned two different academic advisors as they continue through the undergraduate degree program. BSW Freshmen and 1st semester sophomores will be assigned an Undergraduate Advisor from the Office of First and Second Year Advising at the Sullivan Center. Transfer students will be advised by advisors in the BSW program according to their year in the program.

BSW Juniors/Seniors/5 Year-Program MSW students are advised by Chris Alemán, Academic Advisor. His office is located on the Water Tower Campus on the 5th floor of Maguire Hall (1 E. Pearson St.) in Office 548. He can be reached at caleman1@luc.edu or 312.915.7011. Mr. Alemán is also available to meet with students on Thursdays at the LSC in the Sullivan Center, 2nd floor in the First and Second Year Advising offices by appointment.

Students who are on academic probation may be reassigned to Dr. Sokolec regardless of their class standing. Additionally, students in crisis or who wish to speak with the BSW Program Director may contact Dr. Sokolec at: jsokole@luc.edu or 312.915.7019.

Suitable Academic Progress [SAP]

Any full-time student who fails to earn any credit over one semester can be restricted to part-time enrollment at the dean's discretion. Any full-time student who fails to earn at least 9 credits over two semesters can be dismissed for a lack of academic progress. A student who may be at risk of not earning credit should schedule a meeting with Chris Alemán to discuss program options.

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