Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Course Availability by Term

The following is a list of courses that are offered during each term.  If a course is offered during a specific term, it will be denoted by an “X” placed in the box of that term.  At this time all 500- level or foundation courses (SOWK 500-509) are offered each term (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  Students that are in the Advanced Standing Program will need to take SOWK 501 and 504 during Summer Section 2 as denoted by the asterisks.

Students should be advised that all course offerings are subject to change each semester.  Courses may be cancelled or switched to alternative terms than listed below, due to programmatic needs.  However, this list is being provided to students to assist in long-term planning, as the courses below are traditionally offered during the listed terms.  Should the Advising Office become aware that courses will be cancelled; notices will be sent to students. 

Prior to the class registration, students can perform a class search in Locus to determine if a course is being offered.  If the course does not appear when a search is done, the class is either full (i.e. closed) or is not being offered.  Students are encouraged to use this list in conjunction with their program planning templates when selecting electives that compliment their specialization or areas of interest. Some courses have a footnote, please refer to the corresponding footnote for additional course information.

MSW Courses (SOWK)
Course Title Fall Spring Regular Summer (1) Notes
(CIEP) 401 The Exceptional Child X X X (6-week course in Summer I) Course taught by the School of Education-subject code is "CIEP" instead of "SOWK"
500 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (HBSE I) X X    
501 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (HBSE-II) X X X (1) Advanced Standing students only
502 Ethnicity, Race, and Culture: Diversity in Human Experience X X X  
503 Social Work with Individuals & Families I X X    
504 Social Work with Individuals & Families II X X X (1) Advanced Standing students only
505 Social Work Practice with Groups X X X  
506 Methods of  Social Work Research X X X  
507 Social Welfare & Social Work X X X  
509 Policies & Strategies of Community Intervention X X X  
602 Health Policy & Systems X X    
603 Brief Treatment   X X  
604 Advanced Social Work Practice with Groups X X    
605 Human Sexuality   X    
606 Practicum in Research in Social Work X X X  
607 Development of Psychodynamic Theory X      
608 Social Work and Law X X X  
609 Social Work Practicum in Schools (for school social work student in field only) X      
610F Social Policy & Practice with Families and Children   X X  
610H Social Policy & Practice in Health and Mental Health   X X  
611 Social Work Practice with Couples (Pre-requisite= 612)   X    
612 Family Assessment and Intervention (6) X X X  
613 Advanced Family Treatment(Pre-requisite= 612)   X    
614 Clinical Social Work Practice in Health Care X      
615 Social Work Practice with Adolescents X X X  
616 Psychotherapy with Adults X X    
617 Interventions in Clinical Social Work X X    
618 The Role of Religion & Spirituality in Psychotherapy   X    
619 Issues in Treatment of Women X      
620 Clinical Social Work Practice with Children X X X  
626 Social Work with the Severely Mentally Ill X      
631 Clinical Social Work Practice with Family Violence X      
632 Advanced Clinical Social Work with Older Adults X X    
634 Special Topics Course (varies by semester) X X X MSW students should take for 3 credits
645 Crisis Intervention X X    
650 Staff Management and Development in Social Services X      
652 Organizational Leadership X      
653 Program Management and Development Practice   X    
654 Global Social Work: Reflective Practice for Justice and Peace   X   No overrides if course is set for 15 students
656 Social Work Practice with LGBTQ Populations X      
662 Professional Development   X    
663 Women, Policy and Media X      
670 Bridging Psychodynamic Theory and Cognitive Behavioral Practice   X    
675 Social Work Supervision: Theory & Practice    X    
690 Independent Study(4) X X X  
713 Nonprofit Management X   X  
714 Philanthropy, Public Policy and Community Change   X    
715          Internship in Philanthropy (2)     (2)  
716 Social Work Statistics X X X  Not a credit bearing course for the MSW program
722 Introduction to Alcohol and Other Drug Disorders (5) X X X  
723 Clinical  Practice in Addictions 
(CADC-E students only)
724 Substance Abuse Treatment in Groups (CADC-E students only)   X    
730 Immigration Dynamics and U.S. Social Policy (7)   X    
731 Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees   X    
732 Migration, Human Rights, and Social Justice X      
733 North American Migration Dynamics: Challenges, Opportunities, and Alternatives and Policy (study abroad course taught in Mexico) (7)     X X
734 Social Policy with Older Adults    X    
735 Loss, Grief and Dying Well X X    
740 Religion, Spirituality, and Older Adults: Theory & Methods   X    
MSW Field Instruction (SWFI)
530 Field Instruction-I X X X  
530S Integrative Field Seminar Foundation Level X X X  
531 Field Instruction-II X X X  
630 Field Instruction-III X X X  
631 Field Instruction-IV X X X  
631S Integrative Field Seminar X X X  
640 PEL Schools Licensure Field Instruction I (4 cr) X      
641 PEL Schools Licensure Field Instruction II (4 cr)   X    
  1. The summer schedule is subject to change. The courses listed are ones generally offered each summer.
  2. The Internship in Philanthropy (SOWK 715) is open only to those students admitted to the Certificate in Philanthropy. The Internship occurs after students graduate from the MSW program unless prior approval is granted for a student’s 2nd level master’s placement to meet this requirement. Students should be aware that this does not typically occur and generally a post master’s internship is required.
  3. SWFI 640 and SWFI 641 are post master internships restricted to the Professional Educator License (PEL) certificate program. *These courses are scheduled during the six week summer term B session. Each course is 4 credit hours.
  4. (4) SOWK 609 is restricted to students pursuing the schools specialization. Students taking this course should be in their 2ndlevel internship
  5. SOWK 722 is the prerequisite to SOWK 723 & SOWK 724
  6. SOWK 612 is the prerequisite for SOWK 611 & 613
  7. SOWK 733 is equivalent to SOWK 730 for the Migration & Immigration Studies Sub-Specialization.