Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Career Development

The School of Social Work prepares students in a number of ways to enter the job market including: sponsoring events and programs to assist in the job search, connecting students to alumni to discuss career steps and the job search process, career center workshops at the School of Social Work and offering assistance on resume writing and interviewing.

Every March, the Career Networking Evening offers social work graduates the opportunity to expand networking skills, develop contacts and get a sense of present and future opportunities in the field as well as understanding salary and qualification expectations. Generally there are 40–60 agencies and organizations that attend. There are some students who find positions at the Career Networking Evening or through later contacts from the "graduating social work student resume book." For most students, these events are the building blocks to learning about the market, presenting oneself to future employers and locating positions.

Students are strongly encouraged to register with the Career Development Center where resumes and positions are posted online. Position openings that are sent to the School of Social Work are put into a "Job Book" located at the reception desk in the School of Social Work and sent to the Career Center for posting. The Career Center is also a resource for continued assistance in resume and interviewing skills. Students who are seeking positions in School Social Work are encouraged to check with the Career Center for educational job fairs where most school social work positions are listed.

Each year, the School of Social Work prints a resume book listing all of the graduating social work students who submit their resume. This resume book is available to the agencies who attend our fair and prospective employers who might contact us for information about our graduates.