Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Eleanor Fails Lecture Series

The Eleanor Fails Alumni Speaker Series featured Dr. Michael Emerson. Dr. Emerson (fifth from left) with Sociology faculty. Dr. Emerson (Socl-BA, 1989) looks at why cities exist? What are they for? Based on a forthcoming book,he argued that in the modern western world, cities are diverging in their answers to these questions.

2016 Graduates

The Sociology Department awarded 50 Bachelor degrees, 13 Master of Arts degrees and 8 Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Congratulations on a job well done.

About Us

Welcome to Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Sociology. From our faculty, to our graduate students, to our undergraduate majors, our department is a place for intellectual growth, a commitment to understanding and engaging major societal challenges, and collegial fellowship. Through research and publication, in-class teaching, and out-of-the-classroom experiences, members of the department reach out in the best tradition of both the sociological discipline and the social justice commitment of Jesuit universities.

Many challenges and problems confront our globalizing world, and a perspective that can examine these locally, nationally, or internationally is vital. At Loyola we have people—faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students—studying contemporary immigration, gender representations in the mass media, how cities thrive, racial diversity in American workplaces, religiously motivated environmentalism, and the politics of food and nutrition, to name just a few topics.