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Dr. Marilyn C. Krogh Selected Publications


Krogh, Marilyn and Ashley Pillifant. 2004. "The House of Netjer: A New Religious Community Online." Religion Online: Finding Faith on the Internet. Lorne Dawson and Douglas Cowan, (eds). Routledge USA.

Krogh, Marilyn and Ashley Pillifant. 2004. "Kemetic Orthodoxy: Ancient Egyptian Religion on the Internet." Sociology of Religion.

Krogh, Marilyn. Review of Faith in Action: Religion, Race and Democratic Organizing in America, by Richard L. Wood, Contemporary Sociology.

Currently Available

Krogh, Marilyn. 2000. "A Skill, Process and Person-Oriented Graduate Seminar on Teaching." Teaching Sociology 28:333-345.

Krogh, Marilyn. 2000. Selections in Preparing Graduate Students to Teach: Syllabi and Related Material from Graduate Courses on the Teaching of Sociology. 3rd edition. Kimbery A. Mahaffy, (ed). Washington, DC: American Sociological Association.

Testa, Mark and Marilyn Krogh. 1995. "The Effect of Employment on Marriage Among Black Males in Inner-City Chicago." Pp. 59-95 The Decline in Marriage Among African Americans, M. Belinda Tucker & Claudia Mitchell-Kernan, (eds). New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Testa, Mark, Nan Astone, Marilyn Krogh and Kathryn Neckerman. 1989. "Ethnic Variation in Employment and Marriage among Inner-City Fathers." The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 501:79-91.

Under Review

Krogh, Marilyn and Christine George. "STRIVE: A Trusted Intermediary in the Low- Wage Labor Market."

Krogh, Marilyn. "Hispanic Men in an Inner-City Labor Market."

Krogh, Marilyn. "Why Work Disappears Faster for Black Men in the Inner City of Chicago."


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