Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Selected Published Books and Articles

  • The Making of A Physician.

  • Making It In Med School.

  • Society and Health Care in Guyana.

  • Dental Care in Society:  The Sociology of Dental Health.

  • Qualitative Research Methods.

  • First Steps in Sociology.

  • Second Steps in Sociology.

  • Health Care and Its Providers: Volume I.

  • Health Care and Its Providers: Volume II.

  • "Toward an Understanding of Cellular Sociology and Its Relationship to Cellular Biology."

  • "Genetic Sociology and Its Relationships to Medical Sociology and Medical Genetics in the Educational Enterprise."

  • "Toward a Conceptual Re-Examination of the Patient - Physician Relationship in the Health Care Institution for the New Millennium." Journal of National Medical Association, Vol. 98, No. 3, March, 2006.

  • "Mixed Methods and Evaluation Research, Problems and Issues." Qualitative Health Research, Vol. 16, No. 4, April, 2006.