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Sponsored Program Accounting

Policies & Procedures

Gift Policies
Policy or Procedure Name Last Revised
 Gift vs. Grant Determination Checklist(PDF) 10/14/2008
Signature Card Policy (PDF) 11/1/2006
Grant Policies
Policy or Procedure Name Last Revised
Advance Account Guidelines and form (PDF) 08/31/2006
Central Clinical Trials Account Procedures (PDF) 11/8/2006
Certification of Student Participation on Sponsored Research Projects (PDF) 03/06/2009
Cost Overdraft Policy (PDF) 11/8/2006
Cost Transfer Policy (PDF) 07/06/2006
Effort Certification Report (PDF) 11/16/2006
Grant Expenditure Review Policy (PDF) 4/20/2010
Policy on Research Study Participant Payment (PDF) 4/26/2007
Signature Card Policy (PDF) 11/01/2006
Subcontract Policy (PDF) 08/27/2009
Unallowable Cost Policy (PDF) 1/22/2007
University Policies
Policy or Procedure Name Last Revised
Travel and Business Expense Policy 07/01/2007
Instructions for WebFocus (PDF)
Instructions for Lawson Portal (PDF)
Instructions for Grant Available Balances (PDF)
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Sponsored Program Accounting
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