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Services for Students with Disabilities

Documenting a Learning Disability

Guidelines for Documenting a Learning Disability

The individual must submit typed documentation on official letterhead of the professional/service provider describing the disability.  Professional evaluators must have comprehensive training and experience relevant to the adolescent and adult LD population, including populations that are culturally and linguistically diverse.  Please note that the provider cannot be a family member of the student submitting documentation.

Documentation must include:

It is helpful when documentation reflects the current impact of the disability on academics and the living/learning environment.  Documentation should include a narrative description of the disability, with the following included:

 1.  Documentation should be comprehensive

2.  Diagnostic interview

An evaluation report should include the summary of a comprehensive diagnostic interview with relevant academic historical information.

 3.  Assessment

For the neurological or psychological evaluation to illustrate a substantial limitation to learning, the comprehensive assessment battery should contain the following domains:

4.  Aptitude/Cognitive Ability:

A complete intellectual assessment with all subtests and standard scores.

Suggested tests might include:

5.  Academic Achievement

A comprehensive achievement battery with subtests and standard scores indicating current level of functioning in the academic areas of: reading (decoding and comprehension), math, oral and written language.

Suggested tests might include:

6.  Information Processing

The specific areas to be addressed include short and long-term memory, sequential memory, auditory and visual perception, processing speed, executive functioning and motor ability.

Acceptable instruments might include:

7.  Evaluation/testing should provide a clear indication of a diagnosed Learning Disability

8.  Actual test scores from standardized instruments should be provided

The data, including standard scores and/or percentiles, must logically reflect as substantial limitation to learning, and both the nature and severity of the LD(s) the candidate is requesting accommodations for.  The tests used must be reliable, valid, and standardized for use with an adolescent/adult population.

9.  An interpretative summary should be provided

A well-written interpretative summary based on a comprehensive evaluative process may include:

10.  Rationale for recommendations for academic accommodations should be provided. Please include:

Please suggest recommendations for specific academic accommodations.  The documentation should provide rationale that supports the type(s) of accommodation(s) being requested that are based on the individual’s present level of functioning in the educational setting.  

Documentation should be submitted to Services for Students with Disabilities via fax, mail, or in-person to the SSWD office.  The cost of obtaining professional verification is the responsibility of the student.



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