Loyola University Chicago

Services for Students with Disabilities


What if the teacher gives out the PowerPoints online ahead of time?  Do I still need to take notes?
Yes.  Often, information is covered in class that would be helpful to have written down to compliment the PowerPoint.  You can take notes on the PowerPoint itself and either scan them in or send them electronically.

May I communicate with the note receiver?
Since our office is highly confidential, we do not disclose the identity of our students to anyone, therefore we cannot guarantee you direct interaction with the student note receiver.  The Note Taker Coordinator will be the mediator between you and the student.
How do I know if my notes are being received?
You should receive a confirmation email each time you submit your notes.
I was hired after the first week of class.  When should I begin submitting my notes?
You should submit your notes from the beginning of the semester, regardless of when you were hired unless otherwise directed.

I know the student for whom I am taking notes.  Do I still have to submit the notes to the SSWD?
If the student wants to receive them electronically, then it may be a good idea to “cc” SSWDNoteTaking@luc.edu on the email.